Himalayan Sea Salt Dulce De Leche Cookies on EET Calendar for Weight Loss, Fitness!

Shortbread cookies surrounding incredible rich caramel filling and pink himalayan sea salt sprinkled generously on top.  Quite possibly the greatest cookie I’ve ever eaten.  And I’ve eaten MANY (in fact I had 2 of these 🙂 ). THIS is what EETing treats for weight loss and fitness is all about!

Amazing cookie that’s definitely an amazing Treat on Mr. EET’s Plan!  But, we’re not stopping there:


(click to enlarge)

Come to EET’s Webinar Tonight at 6:30 PST and see what else is on EET’s NEW interactive calendar for weight loss, fitness and quality of life.   For the rest of September you’ll see detailed:

  • Timing Strategy

  • Menus

  • Exercise and Activity Options

  • More

Come see amazing food and when to EET it for weight loss and fitness — all spelled out on a calender so you’ll have ideas YOU can adapt to your lifestyle and goals using EET Timing!

EET keeps trying to show you just how much better EETing can be than any other diet (and WAY better than no diet!)  if you understand the ways of EET Timing. We sure hope you’ll keep trying to see what we mean because EET’s SO WORTH IT.   Guess all we can say is this:




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