EET Shows You What You Don’t Know About Calendars For Weight Loss and Fitness

EET’s New Calendar offers you the chance to lose weight and become more fit while eating and doing the things you want to do, need to do and love to do.

So you think you know calendars eh? 

EET Fitness introduced our new interactive calendar at last Wednesday’s Webinar, and that recording is now available 24/7

CLICK HERE to watch The EET Calendar Preview Webinar

Using EET’s calendar, you will see immediate progress in your weight loss and fitness efforts.  That’s good, but all the deprivation diets, fitness journals, and burdensome weight loss plans that tell you to eat less and exercise more can make that same claim, because managing a calendar or journal will help keep you more focused and accountable.

EET’s calendar knows that’s not enough to really provide what you need for long term weight loss and fitness success.  What else is there?  Thought you said you knew calendars!!?? 🙂

EET’s upcoming Webinars will provide some answers about our unique calendar you may not know….

Sunday Night 6:00 PM  10 Things About EET’s Calendar that REVOLUTIONIZE Weight Loss and Fitness

Webinar Scheduled for Wednesday September 19, 2012  6:30 PM



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