THE #1 Missing Link To Weight Loss and Fitness. Without a Doubt, You’ll Know It’s True

Next Wedensday EET Fitness reveals the #1 Missing Link to weight loss and fitness.  We add it to the 9 we shared last week (see 4 of those below) – when you hear it you’ll know #1 is THE Missing Link – way beyond all other answers. And NO it’s not Timing!

Join us Wednesday September 26, 2012 at 6:30 PM where we’ll reveal the #1 Missing Link to weight loss and fitness.  Yes, this is a bold claim that EET has discovered the link so many experts could not, but it is what it is, and we have the evidence (both clinical and practice based) to prove it.

But, honestly, what good has clinical research and other people’s success ever done for YOUR weight loss and fitness efforts?  Hear THE Missing Link for yourself and at least know how it can be possible for you to achieve what many claim is impossible.

But first, at Sunday Night’s EET Webinar –  6:00 PM PST We Continue to review the details of EET’s New Mobile Device Ready Interactive Calendar  – learn more strategies and see more detailed menus!


9 of 10 Missing Links Webinar Recorded and Available 24/7 – Plus 4 of the missing links below.

Below are 4 of the 9 Missing Links To Weight Loss and Fitness Success that EET Fitness has discovered over 4 years working with 100’s of people from Elite Athletes to Morbidly Obese Diabetics.  We go over all 9 in detail in our latest webinar which is recorded and available 24/7.

CLICK HERE to Watch This Webinar Now!

Four of the 9 “Missing Links” are below. CHALLENGE! Can you guess any of the other 5? If so, and you have not yet watched EET’s Webinar – EET will add the slides for them to this post and give you credit if you like.

We’ll make it a little easier for you by eliminating the following PARTIAL LIST that are most definitely NOT missing links to weight loss and fitness success:

*Counting Calories *Required Exercise *Motivation *Discipline *Portion Control *Eating only “healthy foods (example: Organic 🙂 ) * Eliminating ANY food groups *Eliminating macronutrients (example: carbs) * Willpower * Eating a big breakfast each day *Not Eating at night * Supplements of any kind * Fasting for any length of time * Never being hungry * Suffering (“Boot Camp Mentality”)

Scroll down for two to get you started (click to enlarge slides to read the questions you might ask). We’ll give you 7 more plus a bunch more helpful questions to ask yourself on 9 of the 10 missing links tonight at EET’s Webinar 6:30 PM PST.

Confident you have the skills to reach your weight loss and fitness goals? Are you aware statistically it’s easier to become an olympic athlete than to succeed long term at weight loss and fitness?

There’s so much to become aware of that can make weight loss and fitness SO much easier!!



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