Pizza, Pasta, BBQ, Wine, Desserts, More All in 1 Week NO PORTION CONTROL = Weight Loss & Fitness? EET Says YES

If eating less, eliminating food groups and exercising more is such a great strategy for weight loss and fitness – Why does it FAIL nearly 100% of the TIME!  

Is it possible to have an amazing decadent DINNER in the portions you love EVERY DAY of the week, as part of your plan for weight loss and fitness?  EET Fitness says ABSOLUTELY, but you have to break all ties to deprivation dieting, end guilt ridden “diet think” and embrace EET’s Timing Guidelines if you want to understand how. 

EET reviews our “Decadent Dinner” Strategy plus 4 more using EET’s new Interactive Mobile Device Calendar at tonight’s EET Webinar 6:00 PM PST.



Next Wedensday EET Fitness reveals the #1 Missing Link to weight loss and fitness. We add it to the 9 we shared last week (see 4 of those below) – when you hear it you’ll know #1 is THE Missing Link – way beyond all other answers. And NO it’s not Timing!

Join us Wednesday September 26, 2012 at 6:30 PM where we’ll reveal the #1 Missing Link to weight loss and fitness. Yes, this is a bold claim that EET has discovered the link so many experts could not, but it is what it is, and we have the evidence (both clinical and practice based) to prove it.

But, honestly, what good has clinical research and other people’s success ever done for YOUR weight loss and fitness efforts? Hear THE Missing Link for yourself and at least know how it can be possible for you to achieve what many claim is impossible.

But first, at Sunday Night’s EET Webinar – 6:00 PM PST We Continue to review the details of EET’s New Mobile Device Ready Interactive Calendar – learn more strategies and see more detailed menus!




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