3 Emails Show Sad Damage of Yo-Yo Dieting and THE Missing Link For Weight Loss & Fitness

Are you SURE you know how to lose weight, become more fit & maintain it? 

I’ve been putting this off for quite some time (disappeared for two months), I suppose because I feel like once again I failed at yet another diet.

–Part of email from defeated yo-yo dieter.  See much more below.

It’s just sad.

The following 3 quotes from emails (both men and women) EET Fitness has received show the mindset of dieters as they try to force themselves into a lifestyle they truly hate, yet are desperate to attain. 

We’ll share 3 but we could show you DOZENS like this we regularly receive — not to mention the 100’s more dieters EET communicates with who are thinking horrible, guilt ridden, conflicted thoughts and can’t even bring themselves to share them.    These folks come to EET so sure they know what it takes to reach their weight loss and fitness goals they literally believe they’ve been told to follow steps that are the OPPOSITE of EET’s recommendations and guidance!

Note: These quotes have been slightly altered to protect the emailer’s privacy.


I’ve been putting this off for quite some time (disappeared for two months), I suppose because I feel like once again I failed at yet another diet. Yea I know this is not a diet but a lifestyle change and believe me I have changed my eating habits quite a bit according to the script you made for me.  I’m eating wholesome and fresh foods a lot more these days. They taste better and I feel better after eating a good meal as apposed to pizza or a big stinkin’ whopper….


I thought about the guidelines, and then let them go, and felt incredibly GUILTY. And that self-loathing is hard to give up. After 30 years of feeling guilty when I fell off the wagon, it’s a huge behavior thing to shift that thinking. and when I feel such guilt, I stay away from any good advice you might have because I’m feeling too ashamed–and have a “fuck this” attitude to boot. Both add up to me not communicating. And me feeling like “it’s all over.”


I have a bad report today- no change since last week….I know I can do better.  Can I try again this week?

The current world of deprivation and restrictive dieting has done SO much more harm than good.  Yet, dieters want weight loss so desperately they’ll continue to believe in one of the most PROVEN failed models in all of science, simply because they lost some weight or got more fit for a some relatively short amount of time in the past using these methods.

It’s just incredibly sad because EET knows it doesn’t have to be this way.  We have proven we can help dieters get out of this horrible yo-yo cycle of “gotta lose weight” followed by “gotta eat everything”. 

But many dieters and exercise finatics simply cannot hear what’s being said because they are so sure they know what it takes to lose weight and become more fit.  Their beliefs about what works never change even though those beliefs fail them over and over and over.

It’s just sad.

EET has information that can help – no matter WHAT diet and/or exercise plan you’re on.

Join us Wednesday night at 6:30 PST PM at EET’s Webinar and find out what extensive clinical research and extensive real world practice says is THE Missing Link to weight loss and fitness.  




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