2 Reasons NOT To Exercise For Weight Loss Plus 2 Mr. EET “Acid Tests” For Results

There are TIMES when exercise does far more harm than good for weight loss. More often than you might think.

Sunday night at 6:00 PM PST EET Fitness reviews 5 reasons to make you think twice about how and when you use exercise in your weight loss plan, if you should be using it at all.

Got plenty of TIME for your exercise but can’t make the webinar? WE UNDERSTAND!  We’ll share a couple of EET’s Secrets with you here and now (please see disclaimer at end of post)!  Here’s a couple of reasons NOT to exercise for weight loss along with 2 of Mr. EET’s “Acid Tests” to help  dieters and/or exercise fiends determine if they are wasting their TIME (click to enlarge slides).



Top 10 Ways To Eat Guilt Free Webinar Recorded and Available 24/7


More Secrets of the EET Fitness Plan To Be Revealed!

As with all helpful tools, you want to know how you use them or they can be dangerous!  (click to enlarge)

Until recently, EET Fitness has always reserved our completely unique proprietary information for our members, so that it does not get misunderstood or misused. 

However, after nearly 3 years of unprecedented long term weight loss success, EET is planning on sharing more of our “secrets” wiith the public in order to create a much broader awareness of how EET Timing works. 

However, as we do this, it’s vital for readers (and viewers)  to understand that EET Timing is very different than other personal training approaches you are familiar with and that trying to implement an EET Timing Plan without the proper guidance can be risky or even dangerous, courtesy of your years of trying to deprive  restrict and punish yourself. 

We are adding the above disclaimer to make this point as clear as possible.  Thank you.


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