10 Ways EET Succeeds at Weight Loss Fitness Without Willpower REVEALED HERE!

Each of these 10 Tools has helped EETers find a new way to their weight loss and fitness goals without relying on Willpower. 

As we discussed in our last blog post, relying on willpower to manage your cravings and control your weight loss efforts is a very risky approach that has been proven to be a failure for almost everyone who tries it (and tries it, and tries it).

Above you can see 10 of many EET tools (there are more!) for ENJOYING managing our cravings, hunger, eating and exercise decisions without the need for willpower (click to enlarge).  Most are very easy to understand but can take time and practice to become really good at because they are so different than what you would do when you are on a conventional deprivation/restrictive diet. 

Here are some specifics on a few of the tools.  EETers are encouraged to learn and reinforce ALL of them in their efforts to succeed at long term weight loss, because different tools work in different situations, and, honestly, long term weight loss is so difficult we need all the help we can get!

EET’s Deal has so many uses it’s hard to believe.    By including the foods you love strategically in your plan using EET’s Timing Guidelines,   the need for guilt producing concepts like “crazy days” or using willpower to control yourself only to find yourself binging later is eliminated.  You can enjoy your favorite foods in ways you never thought possible,  because they are actually HELPING you lose weight.  Skeptical?  A recent clinical study included many features of EET’s Deal with astounding results — kinda like EET’s results! 🙂  Check it out:

  CLINICAL STUDY: Cookies & Cake For Breakfast EET’s Blog

Finishers are simple – think “after dinner mint” — but it can get WAY more creative than that – we have EETers who use chocolate covered pretzels, carrots or simply brushing their teeth — others use a combination of things based on the situation– this is after eating meals that truly satisfy them with no predefined portion control!  See any willpower in there? Any guilt?  Any punishment?  Suffering? That’s why it works and can be sustained! 

EETers who are not familiar with EET Food Progressions are missing out on an amazing tool for managing cravings.  Not familiar with it?  It’s right there in EET’s initial guide booklet new EETers receive written 2 years ago! We’ll review EET Food Progression in detail at EET’s Webinar.

This might be a great TIME to review the tools of The EET Fitness Plan so you can remember that EET does not rely on willpower to reach our goals!

We’ll share any right answers we get on tomorrow’s blog post and cover all 10 ways on Wednesday October 17, 2012 6:30 PM PST at EET’s Webinar.




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