THE 3 Keys to Learning The EET Fitness Plan for Weight Loss Success – HERE You Go!

EET Fitness told you we would be sharing more of our secrets we’ve discovered over the last 5 years.  It doesn’t get any more “secret” than these 3 keys to learning EET that have helped so many succeed in ways they never could before!

EETers love our donuts, pizza, pasta, broccoli, blueberries and grilled chicken.  You see, EETers love food based on what makes us fit and HAPPY as we head towards our weight loss and fitness goals, not only fit (because that results in weight gain and less fitness!)

And, the more we learn about EETing, the less guilt we feel about eating ANY food in ANY amount at ANY time.   

This all can be quite confusing to life long yo-yo dieters and exercise finatics who were sure there was only one “right” way to weight loss and fitness success, so learning EET and how incredibly different it is is kind of big deal.  

To keep it as simple as possible, we’ll share these 3 keys with you today that spell out exactly how EETers are taught to succeed using The EET Fitness Plan. 

EET’s keys sound so simple, but so does driving a car, in concept.  When you get behind the wheel for the first time, how simple is it to deal with the world of traffic, pedestrians, and windy, hilly roads? 

Sunday Night 6:00 PM PST at EET’s Webinar, we’ll review each of these 3 keys, what they mean and how you can apply them.  No offense to any of the great EETers out there, but if you already feel like you’ve got these covered — then you are the EETer that needs to attend most of all!



This webinar shows you somes of EET’s many ways to be done with willpower and the dieting failures it brings.   We cover all 10 of the following EET Tools: 


Above you can see 10 of many EET tools (there are more!) for ENJOYING managing our cravings, hunger, eating and exercise decisions without the need for willpower (click to enlarge). Most are very easy to understand but can take time and practice to become really good at because they are so different than what you would do when you are on a conventional deprivation/restrictive diet.


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