Mr. EET Age 50 Fitness Challenge: Can Crossfit, 4 Hour Body, Trainers, YOU Compete? New Pinterest Board Too!

After 5 years on The EET Fitness Plan, how many push ups can Mr. EET, age 50, do?  Sit Ups?  Bench Press Max?  Half Marathon Time?  Donuts in one sitting?  Find out these and many more here! (click to enlarge slides)

Mr. EET’s 50 for 50 Fitness Challenge and New Pinterest Board

EET takes great pride in producing amazing FUNCTIONAL FITNESS in an incredibly short time exercising.  So, as I turn 50 in January, I decided it would be a great challenge to try “50 for 50” the EET way — pick 50 exercises or activities and see if I could match or improve on the benchmarks I’ve maintained.  

The KEY to the EET way for this challenge is I AM NOT CHANGING MY CURRENT EET 10-30 minute/day EXERCISE PROGRAM, and I sure as hell won’t change my diet!   I will simply test my abilities on 50 different challenges that EET has more than prepared me to handle with no additional training along with plenty of ice cream, donuts and all the other great foods I eat regularly.

Below is some background on my history with  EET  along with the first 16 of the “50 for 50” benchmarks.  Many more challenges and updates to come!  Check them out and decide for yourself if EET has produced a complete level of fitness for 5 YEARS for this 50 year old — then see below for the more important part of the challenge – Mr. EET’s new 2012 Food Pic Pinterest Board!  (click to enlarge all slides)

Mr. EET takes no supplements for fitness , unless you consider donuts a supplement.  They do seem to give me lots of energy!!  Oh yeah, I never stretch either — shame on me! 🙂

For details of each of these exercises see the descriptions below.  I just did the push up and sit up test in the last 2 days — think I can do better.   Can’t imagine improving half or full marathon benchmarks — because I have absolutely no plans to run either any time soon – but I could!!

The EET’s 2012 Menu Pinterest Board  CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!

Check out Mr. EET’s world of “clean EETing” that powers my fitness efforts on our new EET’s 2012 Pinterest Board!   The first batch is just part of Jan/Feb – MUCH more to come!

Anyone who knows me knows I am far more focused on how much great food I can eat than fitness accomplishments.  I’m like one of Pavlov’s dogs, I am simply willing to “perform” at the right times for my treats! 

Anyhow, Pinterest is now a great new tool for EET and me — I can share PICS of the amazing foods that Mrs. EET and I enjoy every week of the year!

Click HERE to check out the first batch of highlights of the EET’s have enjoyed in 2012.  Love to see what other fitness expert’s menus would look like–pretty sure I have an idea….  But that’s what so great about EET — we defy the experts and reach our weight loss and fitness goals loving food all along the way!

Be sure to keep checking back cuz there’s 100’s or even 1000’s more to see!

NO EET WEBINAR WEDNESDAY NIGHT  — Check for updates as we’re working on a new schedule for next few weeks starting with the webinar above about what the EET’s EET (way more fun than silly exercise benchmarks!!) that you won’t want to miss!!.


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