Solving Weight Loss Plateaus & Weight Gain Using EET Adaptation Timing vs Deprivation Diets

If you’ve wondered how The EET Fitness Plan has helped so many people reach (and exceed) their weight loss goals without food restrictions, or painful exercise, it starts with a completely different premise than any other diet plan.

There’s so much about EET that you simply don’t know.  Maybe you simply don’t care.  BUT,  If long term weight loss and fitness and the highest possible quality of life in terms of your relationship with food and functional fitness is truly important to you, EET thinks you should care!

Here’s some proof.  Do you know and can you explain the difference in the BASIC PREMISE of all other diet and exercise plans vs. The EET Fitness Plan?     Here they are for you’re review.

The way of the caveman – and the long term success rate to match the fate of the caveman.

Evolution (and common sense) showed EET the path to survival in the world of weight loss and fitness includes unrestricted amazing food and no deprivation or painful exercise! 

If you did not know or don’t see the applications of EET’s MOST BASIC PREMISE to solve major long term problems like weight loss plateaus or weight gain, what else don’t you know that might be useful to you? 

Solving Weight Loss Plateaus & Weight Gain Using EET Adaptation Timing

Thursday night at 6:30 PM PST (note this week we are on THURSDAY) , for the first time, we’ll introduce the basics of EET Adaptation Timing.  What it is, how it works, how it solves plateaus and weight gain to create long term success.  Plus we’ll cover some other reasons you should care.  A lot!

You can evolve with EET Adaptation Timing or you can continue to pursue your weight loss and fitness goals the way the “Neaderthals” choose to do it.  The choice is always yours.



2 thoughts on “Solving Weight Loss Plateaus & Weight Gain Using EET Adaptation Timing vs Deprivation Diets

  1. I won’t be on the webinar tomorrow night. We are leaving tonight to attend the GIANTS VICTORY PARADE tomorrow, then will be driving back afterwards.


    • Hey Becky

      Webinar is THURSDAY night — not tomorrow — wouldn’t DARE get in the way of the Giants celebration or Halloween for that matter — Not a huge parade guy but might even go myself–have FUN!

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