How to Reach the Impossible Milestone: 5 Years on A Diet for Weight Loss & Fitness w/ Mrs. EET !

5 Years Later:  What the EET’s EET

If you can accept the following statement as true, you have a real chance at succeeding with The EET Fitness Plan: 

Staying on the same diet and exercise plan for 5 Years is nearly impossible, even without painful required exercise and all the pizza, ice cream and donuts you want to eat, WHENVER you want to eat them. 

Yet, it was nearly 5 years ago that Mr. EET discovered the power of Eating and Exercise TIMING (EET), and 4 years ago Mrs. EET began her EETing journey (Seriously, I still contend helping your spouse lose weight successfully LONG TERM without ending your marriage is EET’s greatest accomplishment and proof of just how different EET is.)

Sunday Night 6:00 PST (remember daylight savings time!), Mrs. EET  joins me at the mic to review

  • How our EET plans have evolved and adapted over the last 4-5 years

    • What elements of EET work best for each of us

  • Which of EET’s Guidelines we have stopped following or never followed at all

  • Our biggest struggles and how we deal with them

  • Our favorite foods (Light, Treat and FUN! and how they’ve radically changed)

  • Our exercise routines and how they’ve changed

  • Where we go from here with our EET plans

You’ll be surprised at just how flexible EET plans can be (and MUST be), and you’ll almost surely pick up some tips you can use in your EETing.  If we can help even one person enjoy their EETing with less guilt and more progress, then this webinar will be a great way to celebrate our long term success (way more fun than silly exercise benchmarks!!) that you won’t want to miss!!



Mrs. EET and I have a lot to share about plateaus, weight gain and EET Adaptation Timing.  You can learn the basics of EET Adaptation Timing by watching our most recent webinar CLICKING HERE to watch EET’s latest webinar. If you can “adapt” your schedule to even watch 5-10 minutes of it, you’re on your way to long term weight loss!



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