Are You Still Allowed to Eat Halloween Candy A Week Later? What Are YOUR Rules?

Does labelling a date on the calendar “Halloween” change your rules about candy?

On Halloween (October 31), most parents allowed their children (and themselves) to eat candy and treats because, well, of course, it was Halloween.

But, you’re likely to have some leftovers plus they always have the greatest sales for candy AFTER Halloween — so what are YOUR RULES for eating candy and treats the day after Halloween?  The next week?  Month? 

How did you come up with those rules?  Maybe just as importantly, WHY do you have those rules?

EET 101  5 Basic EET Concepts

As we enter the most critical weight loss TIME of the year — the HOLIDAY SEASON (yes, it’s the most important weight loss time of the year!), the timing is perfect to take a step back and review the basics of EET.  We’ll review the keys to building successful EET plans you can take with you to every holiday party, and come out in 2013 loving your EET plan more than ever.

We’ve broken EET 101 down into 5 Key concepts.  Here’s the first concept to give you an idea of just how simple, yet powerful a review of the basics can be:

A simple statement to be sure, but how often do we neglect this basic concept when we’re faced with an eating challenge that creates overwhelming temptation and cravings?  Think any of those challenges are coming up on your calendar?? 🙂

 We hope you’ll join us at EET’s Webinar on Wednesday Nov 7, 2012 6:30 PM PST  to review the most basic elements of the EET Fitness Plan along with the tools EET has developed to make sure it really can be different this TIME.   This review could truly be life changing for some folks, but at the very least, you’ll understand why you have rules about when it’s okay to eat Halloween candy!


5 YEAR LATER:  What the EET’s EET Webinar (w/Mrs. EET!) Now Recorded

Mrs. EET walks you through her 4 incredibly successful years on EET including sample menus, her biggest challenges and how she deals with them. . You can check it out by CLICKING HERE to watch EET’s latest webinar. Mrs. EET took the time to show you how an EET Timing Diet can be one of the great joys in your life – the amazing food WHENEVER she wants it —  right along with happily managing her weight and fitness.  Where else can you hear a story like that?


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