LOVE Food When You Eat It, HATE It When you Gain Weight? EET Has Better Answers w/ 5 Basic Concepts

Here’s an appetizer for you to introduce EET’s 5 Key Concepts.  Nearly every dieter we know loves food while they’re eating it, then hate it when they see and feel what “the food” has done to them?  And this goes on pretty much every single meal (or snack, or binge, etc).   And diet and fitness experts call junk food unhealthy??!!

NOTE:  Dieters who love and hate food at the same time are not as sad as those who have taught themselves to hate amazing tasting food altogether, or live with insane guilt for eating it though!  (just EET’s humble opinion)

EET 101 5 Basic EET Concepts

As we enter the most critical weight loss TIME of the year — the HOLIDAY SEASON (yes, it’s the most important weight loss time of the year!), the timing is perfect to take a step back and review the basics of EET. We’ll review the keys to building successful EET plans you can take with you to every holiday party, and come out in 2013 loving your EET plan more than ever.

We’ve broken EET 101 down into 5 Key concepts. Here’s are three of the concepts to give you an idea of just how simple, yet powerful a review of the basics can be:

A simple statement to be sure, but how often do we neglect this basic concept when we’re faced with an eating challenge that creates overwhelming temptation and cravings? Think any of those challenges are coming up on your calendar?? :-).  Also note the reality there’s no escaping your desire to lose weight –even when you “claim” you’re not on a diet!!  Accept that reality and you’re WAY closer to long term weight loss success!

Can’t imagine losing weight slowly and actually keeping it off?  Goes faster than you might think when you understand EET’s Ultimate Goal!

The hardest part for EETers to understand is the right time to eat ANY food is ANYTIME YOU NEED it — not just when it’s best for your metabolism!

We hope you’ll join us at EET’s Webinar on Wednesday Nov 7, 2012 6:30 PM PST to review the most basic elements of the EET Fitness Plan along with the tools EET has developed to make sure it really can be different this TIME.


5 YEAR LATER: What the EET’s EET Webinar (w/Mrs. EET!) Now Recorded

Mrs. EET walks you through her 4 incredibly successful years on EET including sample menus, her biggest challenges and how she deals with them. . You can check it out by CLICKING HERE to watch EET’s latest webinar. Mrs. EET took the time to show you how an EET Timing Diet can be one of the great joys in your life – the amazing food WHENEVER she wants it — right along with happily managing her weight and fitness. Where else can you hear a story like that?


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