25 Reasons You Cheat On Your Diet And 2 Ways EET Fitness Solves Yo-Yo Cheating Nightmares

Do you use any of these 25 reasons when you cheat on your diet? If you do, to reach your goals long term you can (and should) eliminate ALL of them using the tools of  The EET Fitness Plan. (click to enlarge)

“Everyone cheats on their diet.  It’s how you handle cheating episodes that will determine if you can truly reach your weight loss and fitness goals.”  

What if EET could prove to you that every single item from the Yo-Yo Dieter Nightmare List above  (created from actual communication with new EETers) is completely false, or unnecessary?  Then would you stop cheating on your diet?

Probably not!  Especially if your diet is depriving you of all the foods you love!!  EET understands a well thought out weight loss and fitness plan should include tools and strategies for success knowing you are going to cheat (Yes, EET knows you’re gonna cheat 🙂 ).

Instead of outdated Yo-Yo Dieter tools like “Show some willpower!” or embarrassing public weigh ins to keep you in line, (both of which are miserable and only work for a very short time), EET teaches how to use a completely new and different set of tools to solve the cheating nightmare.   Here’s a sneak preview of our upcoming webinar with two very basic examples from EET’s Toolbox:


WARNING!  There is a specific 5 step process for applying EET’s Tools.  These examples only cover the highlights.  Please DO NOT attempt to use these strategies without proper guidance from an EET Personal Trainer and see our disclaimer at the end of this blog post!

EET’s TOOL 1:  Schedule TIME each day for ANY food you choose

It’s late at night and the craving for ice cream is overwhelming.  It’s not on your plan, but you’re gonna crack, you can just feel it.  At that very moment, what if you said to yourself:

“I really want the ice cream tonight, but I’ll lose more WEIGHT if I WAIT till tomorrow at lunch when I planned for it.  I could only cheat with a little tonight without feeling guilty (old yo-yo dieter habit–takes time to break!), but tomorrow I can eat more during the scheduled time guilt free.  Can I wait?”

Whichever choice you make — EET provides the tools to make sure you enjoy that ice cream like never before while still on track for your weight loss and fitness goals!!

EET’s TOOL 2:  Provide a number of FLOATING TREATS each week

Same situation: You want ice cream.  NOW.  Not on plan.  What to do??  To use EET’s Floating Treat Tool you’d think “I planned 3 floating treats this week.  Should I use a Floating Treat tonight for ice cream knowing that we have dinner plans at my favorite restaurant tomorrow night?” 

Please note EET’s floating treats should NEVER be limited by calories or food group – It’s completely in your control! EET REFUSES TO DEPRIVE OR RESTRICT!!  Once again, EET offers tools to create the perfect size treat EVERY TIME!

That’s it.  No need for guilt, “addictions”,  blaming stress, others,  or any other items from the Yo-Yo Dieter Nightmare list.  You simply make the decisions that works for you at that TIME.

Just so we’re clear, using EET, you would learn to NEVER think (click to enlarge slide):

This is one example of endless HORRIBLE Yo-Yo Dieter thoughts.  Your life changes when you find out that it’s simply not true.  At least it’s not true once you learn to use EET’s Toolbox!

These two examples of EET’s Tools barely scratch the surface of EET’s Toolbox, but hopefully they show you:

1)  There’s no need for misery on the path to long term weight loss and fitness.

2)  EET is truly different than any other weight loss and fitness plan (which is why EET works btw)

We’ve got a more to share.  We’re also happy to answer questions if you like as well.  We’ll try to add more examples of EET’s Toolbox on EET’s Blog tomorrow but at the least, we’ll compare the Yo-Yo Dieters Toolbox to EET’s Toolbox for 3 Case Studies based on actual EETer experiences at our EET Webinar Wednesday night November 14 at 6:30 PM PST. 




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