TIME To Destroy the Yo-Yo Dieter’s “Horse and Buggy” Toolbox For Weight Loss Fitness w/ EET’s AUTOmobile

You can still travel in a horse and buggy today, and you might make it to your destination.  But if the journey is incredibly long and hard, why would you choose to suffer this way when you can choose a better quality of life? This is exactly what EET Fitness is all about for weight loss and fitness.

 The human mind treats a new idea the way the body treats a strange protein; it rejects it.

— Sir Peter B. Medawar

In yesterday’s blog post on 25 reasons you cheat on your diet, we gave you a glimpse of EET Fitness’ completely different way of thinking about cheating on diets.

Today we take a step back to help you understand why and how EET has developed our revolutionary new Toolbox for long term weight loss, fitness and quality of life.

Why?  Because there are no diet and exercise plans in existence that have shown any meaningful success rate over 2-5 years.  And because Mr. EET absolutely could not stay with the miserable “joy sucking” lifestyle of  restrictive or deprivation diets for more than a couple of weeks.  He got really sick of thinking “this time will be different” over and over.

How?  EET patterned our approach on other areas of our lives that we CAN and DO stay with long term – with a focus on making them “automatic” or what’s often called “2nd nature”.  There are lots of examples from many areas of our lives  we used to build EET (ex: driving a car – – lots to learn and handle at first, a few months later it’s 2nd nature)— with one major exception —  EET used the OPPOSITE of the key features of most weight loss and fitness plans — that was a big part of the breakthrough that makes EET work!

Confused?  New ideas can cause that.  Think of it this way….

(click to enlarge slides)

Lots More New Ideas For Weight Loss and Fitness at Tonight’s EET Webinar

Tonight, we’ll compare the Yo-Yo Dieters Toolbox to EET’s Toolbox for 3 Case Studies based on actual EETer experiences at our EET Webinar Wednesday night November 14 at 6:30 PM PST.




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