1/2 Gallon of Ice Cream per Day and 7 lbs Weight Loss 1st Week Rewards Mr. EET’s Faith

 EET’s Latest Weight Loss Solution for Mr. EET — created  7 lbs loss the first week. Thank GOD for EET’s Toolbox! 🙂

“Many years ago,” the story goes, “a man named Blonden strung a tightrope across Niagara Falls, and proceeded to traverse the raging waters.  A crowd gathered as he successfully made his way back to his starting place.

“Who here believes I can cross over Niagara Falls again, but this time pushing a wheelbarrow?”

The exhilarated crowd began shouting, “We believe, we believe!”  And sure enough, Blonden steered that wheelbarrow successfully across The Falls and back, to the riotous applause of the onlookers!

“Who here believes I can cross over Niagara Falls a 3rd time, but this time with a man in the wheelbarrow?“

The crowd could barely control their enthusiasm, so spectacular were the achievements of this death-defying tightrope-ist.  ”We believe!  We believe!” they shouted, all the louder.

Blonden replied, “Ok, then who will be my first volunteer in the wheelbarrow?“


Faith is getting in the wheelbarrow, not just screaming, “I believe!”

For 20 years, I put my faith in experts claims that the only path to weight loss and fitness success is struggling to make a stressful “lifestyle change”.  These gurus encourage yo-yo dieting efforts to deprive ourselves of the foods we love in amounts we love along with hours and hours of painful exercise plans we have no hope of staying with.  I saw their “success stories” and the science seemed to make sense, so I got in the wheelbarrow.

At the end of those 20 years, I was rewarded with 20 additional pounds of fat on my body and a growing hatred for exercise.

I got out of that wheelbarrow before I became morbidly obese trying to “successfully diet”.

I then discovered the power of Timing for weight loss and fitness through EET’s Guidelines and for the first 4 YEARS was rewarded with 30-35 lbs of weight loss (20 below my original goal weight!) and the highest levels of fitness in my life in my late 40’s. I brought others into the world of EET and produced a higher  long term success rate than any other diet plan ever created (at least if you trust clinical research).  With results like that keeping the faith in EET was never in doubt.

But a good run of success is not what faith is really all about now, is it?   The last 6 months have brought challenges that I could not have anticipated.  Stress levels I have not dealt with in many years.  Increasing difficulty maintaining my goal weight range even though I started to cut back on my unique “Mr. EET Fun Meals”.  Doubts started creeping into my mind.

Then I realized something.  I lost the weight trusting EET, and for nearly 5 years, I’ve maintained it trusting EET.  Rather than stress about things not going my way at the moment, doesn’t it make sense to trust EET to find answers for my most difficult challenges to date?

I pulled out EET’s Toolbox and went step by step.  Took all of about 15 minutes to find the solution:  1/2 Gallon of Ice Cream per day!   HEALTHY EETing! Of course!!  Jon the yo-yo dieter would never figure this out, but EET had the answers all along.

1 week later I had lost 7 lbs that put me solidly in mid goal weight range, and I am completely rejuvenated in my love of my EET plan.   But it wouldn’t matter if I didn’t lose a pound.  What mattered was that  when my faith was tested, I got in the EET wheelbarrow.

Sunday Night at EET’s Webinar 6:00 PST I’ll share all the details of how EET solved my recent challenges.  The exact EET  tools I used and when and how I used them, the daily menus of my food and exercise choices, which flavors of ice cream I ate for my 1/2 gallon each day 🙂 — and how it resulted in 7 lbs of weight loss the first week.  You’ll see I go through a lot of the same challenges you go through — and you can see how EET can turn your stress eating nightmares into an amazing opportunity to love amazing food in the amounts you love while you lose weight and become more fit.


One thought on “1/2 Gallon of Ice Cream per Day and 7 lbs Weight Loss 1st Week Rewards Mr. EET’s Faith

  1. I have to stop my self from doing this same thing, I go along with my plan then next thing i know is the fun meal is to big wrong time and then i go back to the beginning and do the plan again.

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