Robynne, 60, Loses 30 lbs for 1 Year w/ EET – BELOW GOAL – Shares Her 3 Keys

Robynne is nearly 61 years old.  Robynne yo-yo dieted and exercised to death using “eating less and exercising more” for 40-50 YEARS which resulted in GAINING 40-50 lbs over many many years (see 1st update post HERE).

But last year, Robynne was willing to listen and learn EET’s Timing Guidelines.  Robynne learned the TRUTH about long term weight loss and fitness.  She struggled with it a bit at first (called it crazy, in fact).  But now, 1 year later, while most folks have yo-yoed through 5-10 “new” diets, and at an age when most folks are thrilled to simply not gain weight, Robynne is enjoying a better quality of  life with the body and fitness she honestly thought was no longer possible.

And it’s not just because she’s lost weight she’s tried for years and years to lose either.  It’s because she has also has a positive, NEARLY GUILT FREE relationship with ALL food, not just the foods “experts” tell you it’s okay to eat. 

Here’s Robynne’s thoughts on her EET experience thus far in her own words:

Hey Jon

I am within 5 pounds of my BIG GOAL! (which would be 10 pounds below her initial goal!)  Never ever in my wildest dreams did I think that would happen!  It was a dream that never came to fruition EVER except now eating with EET principles! Thank you so much!

As you requested, here are the Three things that have helped me the most:
1).  Eating the large-carb meal as early in the day as possible.
2).  Secondly, “there are no healthy or unhealthy foods, just foods eaten at the wrong time;” therefore, I am no longer yo-yo dieting!  I can “cheat” when I need to and not feel guilty or deprived!
3).  Thirdly, the more I lost, the better I felt, and the more I wanted to move!  I love working out every morning! 

Thank you again EVER SO MUCH!  I think that you have finally put this almost 61-year-old woman on the right track after 40 years of dieting and starving myself!  I’ll never be the same!

These are great tips from Robynne, but as EET taught Robynne true change really all starts with this:

If the PREMISE is wrong, then EVERYTHING else built on that premise is wrong as well. 

This is the TRUTH about deprivation dieting and painful exercise.  It’s absolutely the key to learn if you’re serious about seeing a true transformation in your weight loss, fitness and quality of life.

Congrats to Robynne and welcome to EET’s Metabolic Hall of Fame and into EET’s Last 10 Club as well (losing 10 lbs below your goal is not required 🙂 ).  1 year and still below your goal weight at age 60 — a great accomplishment and a great START to an EET lifetime weight loss, fitness and quality of life plan!


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