EET Proves There Are NO Unhealthy Foods, Only Foods Eaten at Wrong Times For Weight Loss, Fitness

You are reading this correctly, and it means exactly what it says: In the EET Fitness Plan there NO Unhealthy Foods.  NONE.  Only foods eaten at the wrong times.

As we head into the heart of the holiday season, EET Fitness has all the tools you need to enjoy your holiday eating like never before — because you’ll also be continuing to enjoy your weight loss and fitness success with EET!


Most folks just don’t have TIME to learn all that EET has to teach.  No one said you had to learn it all to benefit!  Lack of time shouldn’t stop anyone from learning whatever they can — this is long term weight loss and fitness we’re talking about here–the toughest goal there is!


Starting at tonight’s 6:30 PST EET Webinar, we begin a new series we call Short and SwEET

Each episode will consist of a simple 10 minute summary of EET’s most important concepts.    Then, anyone who has the time available is welcome to hang out and ask all the questions you like.  This way, everyone gets what they need from EET!

We’re gonna focus on EET’s most basic concepts during the holidays — Focus on the basics – that’s your best plan for holiday weight loss and fitness survival.

And we’re diving right in with one of EET’s absolute foundational basic concepts:

There are NO Healthy or Unhealthy Foods, Only Foods Eaten at the Wrong Times.

This concept may sound insane to those who believe that deprivation dieting and painful exercise are the only way to reach your weight loss and fitness goals, but EET will clear up any confusion and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can and MUST include the foods you love in the amounts you love if you want the best chance possible at reaching your long term goals.

We’ll have all the details tonight at 6:30 PM PST – and you’ll hear all the details by 6:40 PST!! (okay maybe 6:45, we do wait for a few stragglers 🙂 ).  We call it Short and SwEET and as always EET intends to deliver as promised!

BUT– if you can’t even spare 10 minutes you can check out some living proof in yesterday’s blog post here:

Robynne, 60, Loses 30 lbs for 1 Year w/ EET – BELOW GOAL – Shares Her 3 Keys

I’m sure Robynne would be happy to discuss her old dieting efforts vs her EETing with anyone interested.  Just email us at

and we’ll connect you.

Invites for Tonight?


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