The 3 Word Question You MUST Ask When Setting Your Weight Loss and Fitness Goals

goals for how long EET can prove that setting properly defined goals is far more critical to long term success than how hard you try to achieve them.

EET Fitness  teaches that performance goals must answer the 3 short questions noted above.  All 3 will help you, but,  it’s learning how to answer the last question FOR HOW LONG that holds the keys to long term weight loss and fitness you’ve been searching for.

The answer seems obvious.  You want to lose 20 pounds in 90 days and keep it off FOREVER, right? 

Everyone answers FOREVER, and I have yet to meet the person who is okay with gaining it all back.  However,  a simple look around (or at ANY clinical study) will tell you that virtually no one seems to be able to keep that 20 lbs off FOREVER.  But we sure have plenty of people who lose it and gain it all back now, don’t we?

The Point?:   If you want to reach your goals, FOREVER cannot be the answer to “for how long” in setting your weight loss and fitness goals.

So what is EET’s answer to FOR HOW LONG?? 

Sunday Night 6:00 PST EET Webinar, we have a new 10 minute Short and SwEET Webinar for you!

See this blog post for info on our new Short and SwEET Series.

And Sunday night we review a basic EET Fitness concept that can truly change your life in an incredibly positive way (it already has for others!):

short and sweet vol 2 setting and succeeding at goals

EET knows what you’re thinking. “I know how to set my weight loss and fitness goals, the problem is succeeding at them!”

EET also respectfully believes you’re wrong and we’d like the opportunity to show you why.  For example – does your goal setting method include this step?

goals step 2 of 3

Didn’t think so.

You yo-yo dieters are so rigid – I could never succeed on your plan :-).

Need more “food for thought” about how EET teaches setting weight loss and fitness goals?  Okay, EET’s 3 steps will show you how this is true too:

Motivation and Fitness: The Two Most Overrated Words in Weight Loss and Fitness

EET believes you’ll want to learn our 3 steps to goal setting  if you want lasting results.  Just give EET 10 minutes and you’ll never look at weight loss and fitness goals the same way again.

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