Can Cassadee Pope THE Voice Be YOUR Solution to Controlling What and When You Eat?

Every bite is a decision strategy

Can thinking of a sad song help you lose weight? Yep.  It’s all part of EET’s 30 second strategy (shown above more details below) to teach you that EVERY SINGLE BITE of food you ever take — is your decision to control completely 

Initially, this performance had me convinced that Nicholas had The Voice all locked up:

But then Cassadee Pope blew me away with this tear jerker and convinced me she is THE Voice.

I’m sure you’re thrilled to hear my Voice update, but what in the world does this have to do with controlling what and when you eat?

EVERYTHING according to EET!

Most would agree that an inspiring song like this one can help you lose weight and become more fit:

This nearly 100% agreement that songs can “psych you up” brings up two very important questions:  

1)  How exactly do certain songs make you feel inspired to the point where you want to “get off your butt” and take action towards your weight loss and fitness goals.        and

2)  How come this inspiration never lasts?  In fact, how come if you play certain songs too much they not only lose their power to inspire, you actually get sick of them?

EET Fitness has told you for years we do not rely on willpower and discipline to achieve our weight loss and fitness goals.  It’s not that we don’t want to, EETers simply don’t have any willpower or discipline (at least I don’t!).

So, EET had to find better answers that could work for the many years we would like to keep that lost weight off. 

Every bite is a decision cover


EET’s 30 Second Strategy for Controlling What and When You Eat at All Times

Is EET actually making the bold claim that EETers can truly control every eating and exercise decision they make?  That there are no overwhelming cravings, food addictions, intense hunger or stress levels that are too great to control??  

Learn EET’s 30 second strategy, and you can decide for yourself.  It all starts with these 4 thoughts that we’re betting you’ve never thought had anything to do with your weight loss and fitness efforts (click to enlarge):

Every bite is a decision strategy

Tonight at 6:30 PM PST, we’ll explain how these 4 simple thoughts work as an amazingly effective strategy to control your eating and exercise decisions.  The entire strategy takes about 30 seconds to use, and we’ll cover the highlights of how it works in our new Short AND SwEET 10 minute webinar format.

Is every bite truly in your control at all times?  EET says using the power of music along with the rest of our strategy you can learn to make it so.  If you make it to the webinar I guess we’ll see what you THINK.



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