3 Properly Defined EET Holiday Goals For Long Term Weight Loss, Fitness Success

goals for how long See how EET uses our unique definition of the word goal with three example goals below.

EET Fitness wants to offer a holiday gift to our followers.  Not only because we’re so grateful for your loyalty, but because the recording for last Sunday’s webinar failed, and our Wednesday Webinar took went longer than planned.

So, to get back on track, we want to raise our game with a little gift of 3 examples of properly defined goals using The EET Fitness Plan.  It’s our way of showing we want to help you during the holiday season — the most important time of year for weight loss and fitness.

Before you review these goals, we recommend you take a moment and read this recent blog post:

The 3 Word Question You MUST Ask When Setting Your Weight Loss and Fitness Goals

Then check out these 3 goals and hopefully you’ll see how EET differs from all other weight loss and fitness plans — we think it’s vital to long term success that you ENJOY the process starting NOW — not suffer endlessly hoping to see some arbitrary number on the scale, SOMEDAY. 

goal example 1 goal example 2 goal example 3

Now THOSE are examples of how you lose weight and become more fit using EET!!  Not exactly, “I’ve got to stop eating and start a painful exercise regimen so I can lose all this weight”, are they?”

Hope you like EET’s Holiday Gift to you!

If you’d like to learn more, then Tongiht at 6:00 PST EET Webinar, we have a new 10 minute Short and SwEET Webinar for you  (okay so it’s not completely new, it’s a redo of the Goal Webinar so we can record it!).

See this blog post for info on our new Short and SwEET Series.

And Sunday night we review a basic EET Fitness concept that can truly change your life in an incredibly positive way (it already has for others!):

short and sweet vol 2 setting and succeeding at goals

EET knows what you’re thinking. “I know how to set my weight loss and fitness goals, the problem is succeeding at them!”

EET also respectfully believes you’re wrong and we’d like the opportunity to show you why. For example – does your goal setting method include this step?

goals step 2 of 3

Didn’t think so.

You yo-yo dieters are so rigid – I could never succeed on your plan :-).

We’ll understand if you don’t think a review of the goal webinar is worth your TIME.  So we’re adding new content you might want to hear about — but the choice is always yours.

Hope you can make it!  If not it will be recorded — we hope!

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