Jessica Simpson Struggles To Lose 60 lbs on Weight Watchers for $3 Million w/Chef and Trainer

simpson weight loss update

Hey did you hear the news?  Jessie did it!  60 lbs lost!  She looks amazing for the paparazzi once again!

AND you can bet in the very near future she’ll be telling you that you can do it too.

simpson money for weight loss

But there’s more to the story (click above to enlarge).  Jessie appears to have struggled a bit.  So she reached into her “tool box” and solved those issues.  She achieved her 60lb weight loss using the following tools:

1)  A reported $3 Million dollar payday upon the weight loss

2) Her own personal chef crafting each meal to perfection using WW Points Guidelines

3) 4 weekly workouts with celebrity trainer Harvey Pasternak (estimated at $1500 per session)

Now that’s a formula for success — yet still Jessica struggled.  Even reportedly complained that Weight Watchers “doesn’t work” (which called for the 10,000’s of dollars needed to invest in the chef and trainer I’m guessing).

So there you have it.  Weight Watchers.  Because it works….. that’s what they’ll scream on Jessies new commercials — bank on it.  But they’ll leave out the part that says it works for $3 mill and a full time chef and home workouts with a superstar personal trainer.  

They’ll also leave out the part that if Jessie doesn’t stay firmly in the public eye, and keep spending the money on her chef and workouts, she’ll likely gain all of that weight back (studies prove this). 

Does Jessica’s roadmap to success sound like your solution for your weight loss and fitness issues?  Bottom line is the weight loss and fitness industry will keep using these celebrities to convince you they are as long as you keep buying it.   And, conveniently,  New Years is right around the corner…..


short and sweet vol 5 quest for solutions

You’ve searched for years.  Is Jessie’s Weight Watchers success the answer?  For her, for now, and that’s as far as the promises go in the real world.  On the other hand, if you don’t have a multimillion dollar endorsement deal or the cash to hire a chef and personal trainer, you can join us tonight at EET’s webinar tonight at 6:30 PM PST.  

Tonight, in a 10 minute webinar (EET’s last for 2012) we’ll  show you the best way to find or build your weight loss and fitness program, and then be around for any questions you may have.




2 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Struggles To Lose 60 lbs on Weight Watchers for $3 Million w/Chef and Trainer

  1. My computer kept cutting out on me, so I wasn’t able to listen to the entire webinar. 😦


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