EET’s Chirstmas, New Year’s Weight Loss, Fitness Plan FREE HERE!

holiday diet plan 2013

EET has a simple but powerful holiday diet plan.  Check it out for FREE and learn a lot more details from our other holiday gifts in this post.

EET Fitness truly wants everyone to enjoy the holidays, so we want to give everyone interested in weight loss, fitness and a better quality of life a few little gifts (click to enlarge all slides):

EET’s Holiday Diet Plan for end of 2012, start of 2013

holiday diet plan 2013

Check out the details of how this plan works and helps you all year long by using our other free gifts….

EET’s 5 Basic Concepts (shared w/the public for the 1st time!)

5 basic concepts dec 2012

You’ll want to hear more details about these and EET provides them for you in our next free gift! 

FREE Access to EET’s “Short and SwEET” 10 Minute Webinar “Quest for Solutions” 

(Just click HERE or on slide – no registration or password required)

short and sweet vol 5 quest for solutions

In just a few short minutes, EET gives you more details and keys you can use in building a weight loss and fitness plan you can truly love (tips and ideas for all plans, not just EET!!).

25 Reasons You Cheat On Your Diet And 2 Ways EET Fitness Solves Yo-Yo Cheating Nightmares

We know our gifts can’t compete with the excitement of a new ipad, or a new HD/3D 70 inch screen TV, but the gifts we’re offering are the same gifts that many people have used to:

and, perhaps most importantly, 

  • Overcome horrible eating disorders by helping ex yo-yo dieters eat the foods they love in amounts they love without guilt, embarrassment or later regret.

So we know they can help.  We hope you find them useful as well.

We want to thank all of EET’s supporters and wish everyone a safe and happy holidays, and a prosperous New Year.  We look forward to helping more people with their weight loss, fitness and dramatically improving their quality of life in 2013.


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