What If ANY Exercise Should be Part of Your 2013 Diet, Fitness Plan? p90x, Wii Fit, etc. Reviews

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In yesterday’s blog post, EET Fitness shared the Viewpoints review website which has reviews of just about everything, including a wide variety of diet plans.  The good, bad and ugly these “real people” reviews share can  help you decide which diet plan can work for you, or they can help you build a diet plan of your own, or they can help you make a decision that you are better off not dieting at all.

Our original question was “This year, should you diet or shouldn’t you?”  However, no discussion on diets would be complete without considering exercise.  Exercise will almost always improve your fitness (if you avoid injury) but does exercise really help you lose weight?  If exercise is so important to weight loss, why don’t any of the major commercial weight loss plans (Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Slim Fast, Jenny Craig, etc) require it or advise on it?  Something to think about as you build your 2013 diet plan.

Meanwhile, if you want to pursue exercise as part of your diet plan in 2013, there are endless exercise options from Infomercial products, to video game systems to gyms and clubs.  Viewpoints has reviews on many of them–here are a few highlights:

P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout

Grade 93 out of 100

Overall rating 4 out of 5

Well – what a program.  I highly recommend it!  If you’re ready to get your butt kicked you need this program.  I loved the changing workouts.  However, these workouts will drain you – but that being said, they do work… I did this program for 5 weeks (I did not complete it) but I did see results.  The thing that most made it hard for me to complete was the amount of time it took to do it.

Overall rating 5 out of 5

P90X is the only workout you will ever need.  If you follow the program as stated you can be ripped in 90 days.  If you have a lot of weight to lose, you will be about 30 lbs lighter at the end of the 90 days.  I bought this for my husband 3+ years ago.  He tried it just to prove that I wasted my money.  Well, I didn’t and we sold all of our home gym equipment after 90 days.  It has been over 3 years and he is still doing it.  Oh, and he looks GOOOOD!!  My husband is a walking billboard for this program.  It works!! We have recommended it to several of our friends and they have all bought it and look great as well.

Overall Rating 2 out of 5

More like p90 kill yourself!  So I’ve heard so much about the P90X that I wanted to try it. I have girls workout night on Mondays and a girl friend of mine said she could borrow it from a friend, I thought Great. Well lets just say I am 50lbs over weight and I thought I was going to die. There is no way in the world that the already overweight people could do this. You go from standing to throwing ( yes throwing ) your self on the floor in seconds. Could you see a 200-300 lb person just throwing themselfs into the floor into a push up position, I dont think so. If I would of had the Video camera going we could of won the America’s Most Funniest Videos Award. I do not recommend this product to people that are overweight already.

Wii Fit Plus

Overall rating 5 out of 5

We purchased the Wii fit a few years back and love it!!  It was a wonderful addition for our entire family, ages (now) 44, 36, 9, & 12.  It keeps the kids active while they are having fun and is something that we can do together.  We find ourselves competing for the highest score which means we are burning more calories.  The only downside we had with the original Wii Fit was that we were limited to making assumptions as to what exercises were best for our goals.  And now with the Wii Fit Plus the added features have made the game even better.  We can now choose what areas we would like to work on and can customize an individual workout, and the exercises also include the games – which is motivational for the kids and us as well.   It is also wonderful for those winter months when it is too cold to venture outside.

Overall Rating  3 out of 5

I own both the original Wii Fit and Wii Fit plus. I am disappointed with both. I feel like they are more fun than a good workout. Wii fit plus is an improvement over the original but it is not good for someone who wants a serious workout. The yoga  and strength training arethe only parts of wii fit plus that is like a real workout. You can work up a good sweat doing some of those yoga moves and you will definetly feel it the next day. Wii fit plus will get kids off the couch so that is a good thing …. Overall..I say the wii fit plus and fun but not for people who are serious about working out.

10 Minute Solution: Pilates  (rated 98 out of 100)

Zumba (rated 96 out of 100)

Biggest Loser Workout DVD, Season One  (rated 96 out of 100)

Leslie Sansone Walk the Walk DVD (rated 94 out of 100)

30 Day Shred With Jillian Michaels  (rated 93 out of 100)

Beachbody 10 Minute Trainer by Tony Horton (rated 90 out of 100)

Curves Fitness Center for Women (rated 75 out of 100)

Find more exercise options and their reviews HERE

TOMORROW:  Just how much time do people spend researching BIG decisions anyway?

short and sweet vol 6 to diet or not to diet


Wednesday, January 9, at 6:30 PM PST. We’ll have our first live webinar of 2013. It should be perfect TIMING because we are going to discuss THE question we asked above. Feel free to send your thoughts and questions in advance so we can share some real feedback. Hopefully, after this webinar, you’ll be ready to answer this most vital weight loss and fitness question and set yourself up for success in 2013 (no matter what answer you decide!).




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