How Much Time SHOULD You Spend Deciding If You Should Diet in 2013? SURVEY RESULTS

Zillow decision survey

Studies are clear that yo-yo dieting can cause serious eating and psychological disorders.  If you avoid those nightmares you’re still likely to end up a lot fatter yo-yo dieting than if you never dieted at all (also backed by studies).  Don’t you think you should do some research before diving into your 2013 “spin” on the yo-yo?

We searched far and wide, but EET Fitness could not find any studies on how much research dieters do before choosing a new diet plan.   So we did the next best thing.  We found data on how much time people spend researching other big decisions.  The results are on the slide above (click to enlarge).

Which of the above big decisions would you say is more important than your weight loss, fitness, health and quality of life that comes from your eating, exercise and activity decisions?

Hell, a TV justifies two hours of research and a vacation 5 hours.   Those decisions will not have nearly as big of an impact on your life as your choice of diet plan –even though it may not seem like it at the time when you simply “go off” another failed diet plan.

Get the picture? 

EET strongly recommends you do your homework before deciding to diet in 2013, and if you do decide to diet do even more homework on the plan you select. 

short and sweet vol 6 to diet or not to diet


Wednesday, January 9, at 6:30 PM PST. We’ll have our first live webinar of 2013.  The presentation will last 5-10 minutes so you get the info you need FAST!  Then we’ll stick around for any and all questions.

It should be perfect TIMING because we are going to discuss THE question we asked above. Feel free to send your thoughts and questions in advance so we can share some real feedback. Hopefully, after this webinar, you’ll be ready to answer this most vital weight loss and fitness question and set yourself up for success in 2013 (no matter what answer you decide!).



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