Proof Timing Creates Weight Loss: Not Nutrition, Exercise. Jenny Craig and NEJM are Believers in EET!

25 Reasons You Cheat On Your Diet And 2 Ways EET Fitness Solves Yo-Yo Cheating Nightmares

EET stands for Eating and Exercise TIMING.  Here’s our proof that timing creates weight loss in black and white that anyone can understand.  We think you’ll agree it’s perfect TIMING for this post 🙂

The EET Fitness Plan has had nearly 5 years of unparalleled weight loss and fitness success by designing TIMING plans for people of all shapes and sizes using EET’s Timing Guidelines.  An impressive resume perhaps, but we know skeptics won’t buy it to prove TIMING creates weight loss.  Most are convinced plans focused on nutrition and exercise are the answer.  And, of course, most of their preferred plans are  loaded with forced deprivation and restrictions.

Fortunately, we have an even more convincing way to prove timing creates weight loss.  Not nutrition, not painful exercise regimens, and certainly not deprivations or restrictions.  TIMNG.  Here’s the proof:

calendar timing controls weight loss

That’s right.  A simple calendar is all we need to prove our case (click to enlarge).    The nutrition and exercise plan you choose is not nearly as important as your decision that IT’S TIME.  There are hundreds of  dieting and exercise methods people use to lose weight, and trust me, not all of them are nutritionally sound or healthy for you fitness wise.  Yet, most do produce some weight loss.

The only element that’s consistent among all diets that create weight loss  is the initial decision that IT’S TIME to lose weight.  To join a plan, to head to the gym, to hire a trainer.  It’s TIME.  When you make that decision you are using TIMING to create weight loss and fitness! And when you decide to stop?  Well that’s a TIMING decision too.

Timing decisions control most if not all of our behaviors every day.   WHEN you wake up, when you choose to eat, and usually what food you prefer (cereal at breakfast TIME for example), and so many others .  All based on TIMING.    And, we don’t know anyone who disagrees that changing your eating, exercise and activity habits (timing decisions that usually become “automatic” through repetition) is a proven solution to weight loss and fitness.

So, losing weight all comes down to deciding IT’S TIME to modify your current behaviors (TIMING decisions) in a way that will create weight loss.   Period.   The calendar proves it because nothing happens until you decide it’s time.  But, we’ll throw in a bit of scientific proof as well.   In the findings of the the most comprehensive 2 year weight loss study ever performed in 2009 by the New England Journal of Medicine, you can read the conclusions of a large group of Dr.’s, PhD’s and obesity specialists:

New England Journal of Medicine Proved MOST of #1 Missing Link For Weight Loss, Fitness EET Did The Rest

EET greatly respects the findings of these experts and have incorporated them heavily into The EET Fitness Plan.   We are very confused why experts keep suggesting dieters must follow rules they hate like “calorie in vs calorie out”, avoiding carbs or processed foods when all available research has proven that forced restrictions like those lead to weight GAIN long term (also noted in the NEJM study, by the way).

Focusing on behavioral factors like TIMING decisions is so much more effective, and EETers are continuing to prove that every day.   More recently, we are seeing that some larger commercial weight loss plans are starting to get it.  Weight Watchers “because your human” campaign and Jenny Craig’s My Day are great examples.  Apparently with Jenny you can now decide that 2 days are your TIME to eat what you want.  That’s a TIMING decision!    However, we’d like to suggest to Jenny that  EETers would like ALL days to be OUR days, rather than suffering 5 days a week on Jenny’s days–but that’s just us!!

This sort of timing is what EET is truly all about, and by focusing on TIMING rather than restrictions, deprivation and painful exercise, we have created a plan that has ended yo-yo dieting for good for many people.

new years resolutions

Oh, one more thing.  Last I checked New Years is a TIME on the calendar. 

Lots of people decide to behave in ways that create weight GAIN weight during the holiday TIME up through New Years and lots of people behave in ways that create weight LOSS just after New Years.  Still not convinced?  Hmmmmm…  Give it TIME. 🙂

EET 10 Minute Webinar:  EET’s 5 Keys to Permanent Weight Loss and Fitness ASAP!

calendar 2013 webinar cover slide

EET has developed new simplified Timing techniques that will help you manage your time, while  fitting the best timing plan for weight loss and fitness into your hectic and everchanging lifestyle.  Most importantly, EET can help you  WANT to stay on your diet short and long term after the New Year’s resolution motivation for “weight loss at all costs” has long faded.  We’ll share the details at our webinar Sunday night 6:00 PST.



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