Here’s 5 Step By Step Instructions to Lose Up To 30 Lbs in 90 Days Using EET Timing

calendar timing weekly timing patterns grid

EET is a TIMING plan, not a food restriction plan.   Timing Patterns such as the ones shown above have created successful long term weight loss for dieters who are Vegan, Paleo or Gluten Free.  They also work well for people who love ice cream and pizza 🙂

EET Fitness is a bit slow but we’re not completely stupid.  We know what dieters want:

1.  EASY step by step instructions on how to lose a lot of weight in a hurry

2.  All the secrets, tricks and strategies of the plan provided on day 1

And dieters ESPECIALLY want:

3.  To be left alone so they can try the diet plan in private, so if they fail, they are not embarrassed and ashamed as so many other plans that were “working” have left them feeling.

4.  To get all the info they need to try the plan for FREE – not because they’re cheap, but because they have wasted such an incredibly large amount of money over the years paying for the privilege of yo-yo dieting.

So EET understands why our incredible success rate, and plan that features no forbidden foods, no calorie counting, no predefined portion control,  no required exercise or even our Dr. recommendations is not good enough for most dieters — we simply couldn’t make EET easy enough, cheap enough or give you the other features you wanted. 

And, even though you will have a hard time believing this, EET has no interest in selling you a weight loss or fitness plan that we don’t truly believe can work for ANYONE both SHORT and LONG TERM a very high % of the time.  EET is very well aware that such a weight loss plan currently DOES NOT EXIST.  Trust us, we’re working on solving this every day!

Now, after nearly 5 years, EET is getting closer.  So here’s an update to give you  an intro to our latest EET Timing approach that includes the key elements that have successfully produced up to 30 lbs of weight loss in 90 days for many EETers:


2 Reasons NOT To Exercise For Weight Loss Plus 2 Mr. EET "Acid Tests" For Results

Sorry, but we  have to start with this because EET knows dieters!!

calendar timing 30 lb weight loss goal

calendar timing step 2 build calendar

calendar timing weight loss projection

calendar timing weekly timing patterns grid

calendar timing daily menu step 5

As you can see with all 5 steps –  EET focuses on TIMING — and as we proved here – TIMING works for Weight Loss!  EETers decide what foods to eat (or not to eat) and what exercise/activities fit your lifestyle!  More details coming TOMORROW at EET’s Webinar:

short and sweet vol 8 eet weight loss time cover

Please note that this week’s webinar is on TUESDAY, January 15, 2013 at 6:30 PM PST.  We’ll get into more detail on the step by step instructions and answer questions on how you can use EET Timing to be confident you are losing weight

1. As quickly as possible (SAFELY)  and

2. Permanently (you’ll know all  the weight you lose isn’t coming back any TIME soon! :-)).



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