Shhh! Jacy, 43, Real Personal Trainer, Mother of 5 Loses 40 lbs on EET ! PICS! (But Don’t Tell Anyone :-))

jacy before after

Jacy before and after EET.  WOW!!!  Maybe Jacy can teach you a thing or two about EET Timing?  She wants to help!  EET helped her lose the 40 lbs that restrictive dieting and obsessive exercise helped her find! 🙂

The COURAGE to try something different.  It’s one of EET’s 10 missing links to permanent weight loss and fitness.

Jacy is the picture of courage.  She is in the fitness industry.  She’s an insanely busy single mom. She knows what she is “supposed” to do to lose weight and stay fit.  She tried her best to do it.  Results?  40 lbs of additional weight on her body.  She looked in the mirror, she looked around at those who were in far worse shape than she was — they were all trying their best to live on restrictive diets and exercise (obsessively).  It wasn’t working — maybe that’s because it doesn’t work??

Jacy ran into EET Fitness on Facebook in a fitness group where Mr. EET was doing his best to explain to other fitness gurus that just because something works for a week, or a month, or even a year, doesn’t mean it works.  Especially if it makes you miserable. Mr. EET was not getting too far with the gurus.  In fact, he was being ridiculed.

Jacy had the courage to investigate EET further.  She became an open minded student — now she’s a great EETer who has lost 40 lbs and kept it off for a year!  The only problem was she wanted her story kept a secret because fitness experts aren’t supposed to need help!

But, Jacy now believes EET can help others, so she wants to help EET.  So, here’s Jacy:

EET success.

I am a 43 year old single mother of 5 children age range 19 to 6 !
After my third child I lost 33 lbs and 35 inches doing curves several times a week, and eating pretty much whatever I wanted, but with control.   I did not count calories, or carbs, or weigh foods or track “points” .  I did not deprive myself.  I adapted.

Breastfeeding is a great weight loss method 🙂   So after baby number 4,  Loss was accelerated and muscle was regained and I was in the best shape of my life!   After 5 also,  no trouble losing and actually gained muscle.  Again no food issues, no deprivation starvation or counting/tracking/weighing of foods!

I have been training my own clients now for about 8 years.

Then I got sick. Or something about 3 years after my fifth child.   They could not identify a cause for the chronic pain I was in.   I could no longer train myself or others.   I could barely carry my child.   It was worse when I was at rest!   I ate.  I ate.  I ate.   I got depressed and eventually ended up with a “diagnosis” of Fibromyalgia…..literally “muscle aching”    No shit.   WIsh I made $90, 000 a year!    Cause that is what I told the doc, but she got paid to say it in latin !

Last year, exactly a year November 28th.  I “met” jon pearlstone on facebook and he introduced me to EET.    I had been struggling with a 40 lbs weight gain over the previous couple of years, was “symptom” free though and still working on my motivation to train or exercise at all.   I weighed 175/178 lbs from my comfortable 130/135 lbs.  I no longer had a breastfed baby to help me burn calories !

Enter EET.   It made sense, and still makes sense!   I had fallen into a bad habit of grazing on “Healthy” food!  So I was doing a great job of maintaining my 175.   But could not drop a lb.    Jon was over and over again willing to remind and talk and reassure and remind me over the past year.    Trainers are the WORST !   We have a preconceived idea of what is right and wrong,  we tend to have TOOO much nutritional information, most of it contradicting each other.  We tend to be difficult to Work with LoL.   Jon only made me cry once LOLOLOL when I was almost hysterical with nonsense about I was doing wrong.   I think I had not lost any lbs that week or something or had eaten an extra bowl of icecream or something .  Wow. .    He can always be counted on to provide the coaching needed.

There were ups and downs.   I used only a fraction of EETs many tools.   I do not have a ton of time to sit for webinars, and my attention span is limited thus rending them very difficult for me to sit through in general.    Then my laptops audio system crapped out on me.  So could not use them anyway .   I tracked my actuals and did my best to plan my weeks food and menu’s.   I found it hard and I do not have a huge palette so much that Jon suggested I eat, was off the menu for me.  With 5 kids, there is alot of opportunity for “kid” and “convenience” foods here.     I learned in the past year to like peppers though and greek yogurt.  *pats self on the back.  I also got back my motivation to train, but when it was lacking ,  I did my 10 minutes or 15 minutes of interval when I could.   Learned to better arrange the timing of my food choices.

I am still learning.  But today.    I can say I lost almost 30 lbs in about 27 weeks, and maintaned for many weeks thereafter.   One full year in.  I am still FM symptom free, training heavy again,  less obsessive about my training,  and 40 lbs lighter, back to 135 to 137lbs.

One more thing.  I am now also using EET concepts with my clients. 

 Thanks EET.  Thanks Jon.  xoxo


Kettlebell Trainer Hamilton Ontario Canada

Congrats to Jacy, we admire your courage and can’t thank you enough for allowing EET to share your inspiring story.  If you have questions for Jacy, post them here or let us know if you want to contact Jacy and we’ll connect you.


EET focuses on TIMING — and as we proved here – TIMING works for Weight Loss! EETers decide what foods to eat (or not to eat) and what exercise/activities fit your lifestyle!  We shared 5 step by step instructions yesterday and we have more details coming TONIGHT at EET’s Webinar:

short and sweet vol 8 eet weight loss time cover

Please note that this week’s webinar is on TUESDAY, January 15, 2013 at 6:30 PM PST. We’ll get into more detail on the step by step instructions and answer questions on how you can use EET Timing to be confident you are losing weight

1. As quickly as possible (SAFELY) and

2. Permanently (you’ll know all the weight you lose isn’t coming back any TIME soon! :-)).



One thought on “Shhh! Jacy, 43, Real Personal Trainer, Mother of 5 Loses 40 lbs on EET ! PICS! (But Don’t Tell Anyone :-))

  1. Update: Recently got home from a 2 week vacation in Daytona Beach, came home not deprived of fun food, followed EETS vacation rules, and lost 2 or 3 lbs. My healthy weight as of this morning was 131.6 Awesome ! Now to eat a bowl of Maple Walnut ice cream with my pasta lunch 🙂 –Jacy

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