3 Steps to Getting Control Over Food For Long Term Weight Loss Using EET

iceberg obesity slideIf you can’t get control over your food choices at all times,  all the desire to lose weight and nutrition knowledge in the world is meaningless, as the above slide proves.  EET shows you how to get control, STEP BY STEP.  See end of post for an example if in a hurry, but we recommend reading the post as it’s written.

In our recent webinars (which you can find HERE), EET Fitness has broken down exactly what dieters need to do to lose weight as quickly as possible using a timing plan that gives them the best chance of keeping that weight off long term. 

short and sweet 10 3 elements

We introduced the “truly wanting to lose weight” and “EET’s 5 Keys” elements first, but then realized those were virtually useless if dieters haven’t learned how to effectively deal with the many challenges that always come up when we try to change our eating and exercise behaviors to lose weight and become more fit.

Notice we didn’t say “been given the tools” to deal with the many challenges — all decent diet plans give you tips and ideas.  We said LEARNED HOW to use those tips and strategies EFFECTIVELY and consistently proven they work for you enough of the time to succeed long term.

We started this process last week at our webinar

short and sweet vol 9 whats your food worth

Where we offered detailed instructions on how to deal with small, medium and major challenges that often signal the end of your dieting efforts.  

Next Wednesday January  30, 2013 we’re going to make sure you know what to do by offering step by step instructions on what we believe is the single most important key to long term weight loss and fitness success:

short and sweet vol 10 cover control over food

EETers who have attended or watched recent webinars will be receiving all 3 steps with detailed action plans plus more via email before the webinar where we’ll review and answer questions.  Here an example to preview:

2 Reasons NOT To Exercise For Weight Loss Plus 2 Mr. EET "Acid Tests" For Results

Gotta start with this because no one should think we can cover every base you need in a blog post!

short and sweet vol 10 step 2 notes

EET NEVER GIVES UP ON AN EETer.  It’s completely reasonable to us that you could use some baby steps to help you learn a new way to think about food after years of yo-yo dieting, and that’s exactly what we plan to bring you.




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