Control Hunger To Reach Your Weight Loss & Fitness Goals? Here’s All You Need To Do.


Remember the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) Principle?  Here’s a sample of top weight loss and fitness experts sharing exactly ‘what you gotta do” to accomplish a vital step in in reaching your weight loss and fitness goals – controlling your hunger:

Published on WebMD Website

  • Bulk up your diet – increase fiber
  • Start your meals with soup for volume before meal
  • Large salad before each meal – study showed salad with fat free reduced total calories 12%
  • Don’t add courses to meals (other than soup/salad discussed above)
  • Orange or grapefruit each day won’t spike blood sugar controls appetite
  • Increase dairy intake like low fat milk (whey and casein protein possible appetite supressants
  • Eat fat with your carbs (but not much!) fat causes release of horomone leptin that can signal fullness. But must keep minimal fat as studys show higher fat diets correlate to obesity.
  •  Eat more soy – have protein carbs and fat have proven more satisfying than other foods. Studies in rats suggest soy has other appetite suppressing qualities
  • Small handful of nuts:  Satisfying because of protein and fiber.  High in fat so can’t eat too many.
  • Slow down you’re eating too fast.  It takes 20 or more minutes for brain to get message that stomach is “comfortable” and eating more food is not necessary.  Eating slower allows this message to be delivered with less total food eaten.


Published on Livestrong Website

  •  Drink a full glass of water before you eat, then a full glass between each meal to create feeling of fullness
  • Learn to differential between real hunger and psychological hunger
  • Keep a food journal to recognize when you are eating due to emotional or other triggers
  • Eat regularly throughout the day but avoid starchy snacks
  • Have a cup of coffee between meals – too much coffee can have opposite effect though
  • Chew gum between meals to suppress appetite
  • Try homeopathic or herbal remedies
  • Ask your dr. for a prescription drug to control appetite

Published on Weight Watchers Web Site:

  • Eat before serious hunger strikes,
  • Drink water to feel a little fuller,
  • Chewing gum through the afternoon munchies
  • symbolically closing the kitchen after dinner

hunger food is enemy

 That doesn’t even scratch the surface.  Here’s another smattering from the 1000’s of “proven” or “research backed” strategies for controlling hunger, all published on highly reputable websites:

  • Eat 6 small meals throughout the day
  • Cravings are very different than hunger, yet somewhat similar to appetite
  • Eat breakfast
  • Stay hydrated
  • Consider that stomach pains are not hunger – get medical attention
  • Eat more spices
  • Limit sugar intake
  • Snack strategically  (100 calorie snacks or less per the mayo clinic diet)
  • Exercise regularly
  • Don’t exercise too much as it can increase hunger.
  • you’ll be less hungry after some time passes and your stomach shrinks a bit
  • Eliminate all distractions and make food the main attraction of your meal. watching TV, reading, using the computer or paying bills while eating can reduce your ability to recognize satiety.
  • Giving into cravings is okay as long as you are making conscious decisions and practicing moderation.
  • Eat a huge volume of plant based whole foods
  • Eat intuitively like you did when you were a baby.

The above and about a million other strategies is “all you gotta do”.  Simple, right?  Oh, one more question.  With all these great strategies (and the significant amount of money spent on researching them), how come so few people seem to be able to control their hunger and stay on a diet?

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How’s This for a Simple Solution to Controlling Hunger?  TIMING

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