Is Weight Loss, Fitness EVER In The Cards for You? EET Shows U How To Answer

deck of cards

January is over and so are over half the New Year’s Resolution Diets.  Again. 

Did these poor dieters who just took another spin on the yo-yo suddenly decide they no longer want to lose weight?

If not, that means they still DO want to lose weight (quite desperately to hear some of them tell it)

If they still want to lose weight then why in the world did they end their diets? 

These are questions all dieters should be asking themselves, and they should be sure they have some answers they can live with, so they can finally get off the merry go round of yo-yo dieting.

So January is over, again.  This makes February the perfect TIME to assess what’s right and not so right with your weight loss and fitness efforts.  It’s a great chance to make a few small adjustments that can truly lead to the transformation you claim you so desperately want.

Which leads us to a key question that should definitely be part of your assessment:

short and sweet 11 is weight loss in cards cover

(click to enlarge)

Wednesday at 6:30 PM PST EET Fitness will show you how to FINALLY take the guesswork out of this question, and, as always, in a way you’ve never thought of before.  Plan to bring along a REAL deck of 52 playing cards & 2 Jokers (no joke 🙂 ).





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