How Carton Haagen Dazs Caramel Truffle Ice Cream Works For Weight Loss, Fitness w/EET

haagen daaz feb 2013 001

Mr. EET ate the entire carton of ice cream you see above last night, despite it not being on his daily Timing Plan.  How does EET Timing help me maintain my goal weight range while avoiding guilt or embarrassment that I happen to love a real world portion of ice cream?

And no, obsessive dieters, I didn’t do a ton of exercise right before or after eating this delicious carton of ice cream either.  

Here’s what happened.

Around an hour after dinner I thought to myself “Your daily timing plan says you’re done eating, but you really feel like eaitng more.  Are you gonna be okay without eating anything else tonight?”  Strong immediate answer:  “NO”.  (Should add:  often the answer is YES because I know I have something amazing coming tomorrow or this weekend, but sometimes you need food at the present TIME better known as NOW 🙂 )

So I decided: “Okay, let’s eat something incredibly delicious!   Haven’t had much ice cream lately while travelling so I made the decision that a satisfying portion BECAME THE PLAN at that TIME.   I DEFINED it,   ate it, loved every single bite, and was DONE eating.

Couple of questions you might be thinking here:

2 Reasons NOT To Exercise For Weight Loss Plus 2 Mr. EET "Acid Tests" For Results

We start with this because EET knows dieters!

Shouldn’t I be disappointed and feel guilty that I didn’t stick to my plan?? 

First of all,  if I’m going to be disappointed or feel guilt every time I can’t stick to my plan, then I would be miserable a lot of the time, and I have no interest in following a plan that creates such misery! 

I don’t think I will stray from my daily plan on at least one or more days per week, I KNOW it. But a plan mostly followed is far better than no plan at all!

Rather than beat myself up about it or try to restrict what I eat during these times, I recognize that I am not a deprivation dieter so I ENJOY these times!   See the slide below for more on how EET Fitness ends the “must have willpower!” world of dieting by building in the reality that we will love food that’s not on our daily plan.

Won’t an extra 1000+ calories of fat and carbs cause me to gain weight?

Not if I have a well thought out EET timing plan and truly want to lose weight!   (I’ve eaten like this for the last 5 years and still weigh well below my goal weight, fwiw).

The answer to these questions is what having a strong EET Timing Plan is all about.  The following slide shows you how EET Timing works to allow you flexibility at any TIME — we’ll review it and much more tonight at EET’s Webinar–see info on that below the first slide (click slides to enlarge).

Working at all Times Meter

short and sweet 11 is weight loss in cards cover

(click to enlarge)

Wednesday at 6:30 PM PST EET Fitness will show you how to FINALLY take the guesswork out of the question “Is Weight Loss EVER in the Cards for YOU?”, and, as always, in a way you’ve never thought of before. Plan to bring along a REAL deck of 52 playing cards & 2 Jokers (no joke 🙂 ).



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