Fat Because Your Friends Are Fat? Multiple Studies Say YES. New EET Food TIME Solution!

fat friends

People with a lot of weight to lose love to beat themselves up about their failed efforts to lose that weight.  Yet, those same people are typically incredibly sypathetic and understanding to others who have equal or even greater weight and fitness  problems.

How come, in your mind, you feel so miserable about yourself when it comes to weight loss efforts simply because you love to eat food and enjoy a relaxing quality of life, but you don’t judge your friends the same way??

There’s a lot of good reasons to consider changing this sort of thinking.  Even science says your friend’s lifestyle clearly influences yours so why be so hard on yourself??     Check out the following studies from multiple years — same conclusions:  Your social network (and family for that matter) influence your eating, exercise and activity behavior.

How Obesity Spreads in Social Networks: Scientific American

Are Your Friends Making You Fat?

Obesity linked to circle of friends

Obesity is contagious among friends, study suggests – USATODAY

Obesity Spreads In Social Circles As Trends Do, Study Indicates

So, should obese people listen to the experts and go find a new group of hardcore “hardbody” friends?  Perhaps join the “Forks over Knives” support group?  These folks will talk your ear off with how you should be eating and living, that much is certain.  That’ll do wonders to get you to stop beating yourself up when you can’t live that way, no?  Sounds really fun too, yes?

EET has come up with what we think is a much better plan…..

short and sweet 13 EET Food Time


EET’s equipped to support ANY lifestyle and we’ll introduce the key concepts of EET Food Time  in our latest 10 minute webinar on Wednesday Night Feb 27, 2013 at 6:30 PM.





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