Recommended Reading to Prepare for EET Food Time! Secret Formula’s, Studies, More….

short and sweet 13 EET Food Time

If you have TIME, check out the following posts that serve as background for EET Fitness’ Latest Timing Plan


Here you go:

EET/EAT Secret Formulas For Weight Loss Fitness And More

Can Cassadee Pope THE Voice Be YOUR Solution to Controlling What and WHEN You Eat?

Fat Because Your Friends Are Fat? Multiple Studies Say YES.

EET Webinar: “Eating Better” with Dr. Mark Haub – AnyMeeting

Clinical Studies: Calories Exercise Motivation PROVEN Failures for Weight Loss, Fitness

These posts will help you understand why EET continues to claim it’s a “revolutionary” weight loss and fitness plan that continues to work years later for many EETers.  The posts also provide good background follow tonight’s 10 Minute Webinar.

EET’s equipped to support ANY lifestyle and we’ll introduce the key concepts of EET Food Time in our latest 10 minute webinar on THURSDAY NIGHT (tonight!), 2013 at 6:30 PM.



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