WHY WE’RE FAT! Bananas Grade A, Scharffen Berger Chocolate Grades D+ As Snacks (Treats) ??

recipe scharffenberger chocolate

We’ve read that bananas are the most popular fruit.   We’ve also read that there is a huge obesity crisis in the US and growing worldwide.  Coincidence?  We think not!  

In fact, EET Fitness feels bananas, and the process of labelling such foods “healthy”, while others such as delicious Scharffenber chocolate as “unhealthy” are a major cause of the obesity PROBLEM for everyone, but most notably in the case of diabetics or prediabetics.  And EET has had a bit of success working with diabetics that you can read about here.

Don’t misunderstand, EET loves fruit!  But we also love chocolate, and there’s a time and place for each.  Check out these grades that people are relying on to make eating decisions:

bananas calorie countscharffenberger D+

Nutritional data and “Grades” for Bananas (left) and Scharffenberger 62% Fine Dark Chocolate (right) from respected http://caloriecount.about.com/

Bananas Vs. Chocolate:  One Example of Why We’re Fat

Let’s say it’s late at night and you want a snack.  If you eat the “A” graded banana, you only have 105 calories, but you also just poured in 24 net carbs of “instant” energy that will soon be cruising through your blood stream offering a burst of energy for you to get moving.  Problem is you’re not moving, you’re watching “NCIS LA”.   So what’s that carb energy gonna do?  First it will raise your blood sugar,then a bit later, if you have no insulin problems it will do what you’re telling it to do, store those carbs as FAT.

You thought you made the healthy choice, but what if you had gone with your chocolate craving and eaten ONE HALF the D+ rated chocolate bar (that’s a large portion, even for me!)?  True, you would have an additional 105 calories in your daily total, but you would only have introduced 17 NET CARBS into your blood stream short term.  That’s 7 fewer than the A rated banana!  Your blood sugar reading would likely be lower, and this might result in less fat storage.

While all that has to make you wonder how in the world “experts” can assign an A grade to bananas and a D+ to this well made chocolate bar, it’s not the “nail in the coffin” point that proves (in our opinion, anyhow) why these sorts of grades focused on calories and other “healthy” measures actually make us fat.

For MOST of us, we wanted the delicious chocolate bar, not the damn banana, but we’ve been taught the banana is the better choice, and we would have felt really guilty going right for the chocolate, cause “you’re not supposed to be eating that”.  Despite all that, in about 1/2 hour, thanks to overwhelming cravings but also in part to the blood sugar spike caused by the banana, we’re gonna go eat the chocolate bar too!  And probably all of it, not just 1/2–which would have been COMPLETELY SATISFYING had we just eaten what we really wanted to begin with.  Now we’ve eaten at least 315 calories and 41 net carbs, and we’re probably just getting started.  

You can choose to rely on a completely failed system that you should only eat what’s “healthy” for you if you like — that’s your choice.  But, at least consider this:

 1) Calories tell us nothing about how our bodies use the energy we eat, and more importantly

2) if you think 99% of us can live that way, in our humble opinion,  you know very little about how obese people think and eating in the real world.

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Sunday night at 6:00PM, EET expands our menu of truly satisfying options by sharing what is likely the missing link to success for most dieters:

short and sweet 16 25 sweet treats

25 DIET SAVING SWEET TREATS you will want by your side when the going gets rough and your diet is on the line.

Then in a rare BACK TO BACK broadcast, on MONDAY March 11, 2013 at 6:30 PM, in a 10 MINUTE WEBINAR we’ll cover 

short and sweet 17 savory treats

10 DIET SAVING SAVORY TREATS you will want by your side when the going gets rough and your diet is on the line.

Food Time! Diet Saving Foods “minimize the damage” of eating the wrong types of foods at the wrong times, but more importantly, these foods can also truly satisfy your cravings and portion needs at those critical times you face eating challenges and you’re  ready to “go off” your diet, possibly for good.  

One more thing — The 30+ diet saving foods we are covering involve NO RECIPES and NO Toppings or Sauces (to be covered in future webinars)— With 1-2 exceptions , all of these are sweet and savory DIET SAVING treats you simply pick up and eat IMMEDIATELY — exactly the way you currently eat the treats you believe created all your weight loss problems in the first place!  Is that possible?  Yep.

Here are three examples (EET does NOT recommend you try these foods, unless you have developed a clear plan and understand them in the context of the EET Food Time Plan!!  Please read disclaimer below):

recipe carvel ice cream cake
recipe mint pretzel crisps

Sweet Treats above — Savory Below — And no, there’s no predefined portion control or timing restrictions using EET Food Time!  It’s all about SATISFACTION with your food — the key to lifetime diet success for the rest of us! 

(click to enlarge slides)

recipe garlic covered olives

Sunday AND Monday Night at EET’s Webinars,  we’ll reveal all 30 (probably gonna add a few more surprises too) treats and explain exactly why these particular foods along with hundreds more treats that you are sure are making you fat can actually save your diet often (which is really good because most of us face challenges often!) and get you to your weight loss and fitness goals.



disclaimer oct 2012


3 thoughts on “WHY WE’RE FAT! Bananas Grade A, Scharffen Berger Chocolate Grades D+ As Snacks (Treats) ??

  1. Hey Becky

    there are other chocolates that have similar quality and similar numbers –check out Lindt dark chocolate and Ghiradelli 70 and 86% caocao — Godiva has dark chocolate bars now too — all of these often go on sale at places like walgreens or CVS so keep an eye out — but do be sure to check the nutritional numbers because calories carbs and fats vary A LOT — as for Scharfen Berger — here’s what I found — if you’re not close to one of these places you should be! (I think you’ll know which one 🙂 ) Let me know if more questions.

    AJ’s Fine Foods (AZ)
    Andronico’s (CA)
    Bashas (AZ)
    Bristol Farms (CA)
    Central Markets (TX)
    Draegers (CA)
    Gelsons (CA)
    Jensens (CA)
    Mollie Stone (CA)
    Nugget (CA)
    Olivers (CA)
    Raleys Family (CA, NV)
    Rice Epicurean (TX)
    If unable to find SCHARFFEN BERGER chocolate products at these fine retailers,
    please shop online at Shop.ScharffenBerger.com.

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