“Light” Salad Dressing, Mayo Making You Fat? YES! 25 Diet Killing Foods + Key Weight Loss Tip That Works!

recipe light salad dressing diet killer

SURPRISE!  That “light” salad dressing is nearly 100% FAT!!  And we don’t want to spoil your weekend but Light Mayo works the same way….What you DON’T know about sauces and toppings WILL kill your Diet!!!!

“Here’s a key weight loss tip:  invest the TIME you spend exercising learning about food, nutrition and most importantly what truly satisfies you”

EET Fitness continues to search for answers that can work for long term weight loss and fitness in the real world. Our lastest efforts have us searching for SATISFYING foods and meals you can make with little to no prep time to make your dieting as painless as possible.

In our recent webinars (all recorded and ready for you if you click HERE),  we offered up 10 5 minute recipes and dozens of  premade entrees, side dishes, sweet and savory treats that can be used to build an incredibly satisfying Food Time Plan.

Sunday night at 6:00PM , AND Monday at 6:30 PM EET expands our menu of truly satisfying options by sharing  TWO 10 MINUTE WEBINARS with specific foods choices for an area of food that is overlooked by most dieters and highly underrated for long term success:

short and sweet 18 sauces and toppings

50 (2 10 minute lists of 25) DIET SAVING SAUCES AND TOPPINGS   you will want by your side when the going gets rough and your diet is on the line.

Part 1 (Sunday 6:00)  Toppings and Sauces for Entrees and Sides

Part 2 (Monday 6:30 PM  Toppings for Desserts and Snacks

Also — since we’re sharing some great food options to save your diet, it only makes sense you would want to know foods that might harm your diet.  And, as usual, many of these foods are not the ones you’d think (ex. did you think reduced fat salad dressing was making you fat?).

We’re pleased to announce you’ll learn a bunch more of these “diet killing” foods at another important webinar coming soon

short and sweet 20 25 diet killing foods

25 DIET KILLING FOODS  you will want to avoid when the going gets rough and your diet is on the line.

Yes, restaurant pizza is on this list (not ALL pizzas!), but so is lettuce!!  We’ll explain and show you lots of foods that will surprise you as to how these foods kill diets in this upcoming webinar.

(EET does NOT recommend you try ANY foods we review in our blog or other materials, unless you have developed a clear plan and understand them in the context of the EET Food Time Plan!! Please read disclaimer below):


disclaimer oct 2012


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