The Truth About Subway Turkey and Granola Trail Mix – ULTIMATE DIET KILLERS! Plus 23 More.

Here is how FOOD TIME! defines diet killing foods.  See the slides below to find out why Subway’s turkey sandwich and granola/trail mix are both ULTIMATE diet killing foods.

“I’ve maintained below my goal weight for 5 years eating without any food restrictions.  I eat fast food at least 1-2 times a week, but a big part of my success is that I have avoided Subway at all costs.” 

In yesterday’s blog post,   we destroyed the myth that almonds and frozen yogurt are helpful to your weight loss and fitness efforts as good options when you’re struggling on your diet.

Today, EET Fitness takes it up a notch and shares two ULTIMATE diet killing foods:  Subway’s Low Fat Turkey Sandwich, and Granola/Trail mix or any combo of the two.  See the slides below for all the details.

Sunday night at 6:00PM ,  EET takes a look at foods that can be deadly to your dieting efforts:

short and sweet 20 25 diet killing foods

25 DIET KILLING FOODS  you will want to avoid when the going gets rough and your diet is on the line.

Yes, restaurant pizza is on this list (not ALL pizzas!), but so is lettuce!!  Here are a couple from the list with details that many would call “sacred cows” to include in your diet vs “junk food”.  Hopefully, the details make it clear why so many dieters fail when they rely on calories and predefined portion sizes (and questionable advertising!) (click to enlarge slides):

food time diet killing subwayfood time diet killing granola

 AND we even forgot to note the 46 carbs in the Subway Turkey!  That’s the same as nearly 2 cups of ice cream!! Anyhow, we’ll explain and show you lots of foods that will surprise you as to how these foods kill diets in our Sunday night webinar.

(EET does NOT recommend you try ANY foods we review in our blog or other materials, unless you have developed a clear plan and understand them in the context of the EET Food Time Plan!! Please read disclaimer below):


disclaimer oct 2012


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