Easter Bunny / Paleo Diet MYTHS per Harvard Dr. PhD Paleontologist Diet Expert VIDEO

paleo pizza

Could it be that paleo era cavemen would have laughed at your “paleo pizza” recipe and asked why you weren’t enjoying some wheat crust?  Is it possible that Gluten is NOT the devil??  YES according to a Harvard Dr. who knows a lot more than we do on the subject. VIDEO BELOW.


What to do when your entire premise is based on a myth?  When it comes to the Easter Bunny, we blessed huge brunches and chocolate eggs, so that worked out well :-).  Now, we’ll see what the #paleo diet fad finatics decide to do because:

paleo diet myth

OOPS! Years  of preaching  certain foods are “right” or “wrong”, only to find out the only wrong is the preaching.  This is nothing new historically: The Top 10 most spectacularly wrong widely held scientific theories.    Click to enlarge slide


We’ve seen it all before  when sacred cow tipping (i.e. credible, even overwhelming) research shatters a myth, so we have a good idea what to expect from the paleo faithful.    Here’s an example that was obvious to all but the organic food zealots:

Stanford Study Reviews 230 Studies Concludes Organic Food NOT Healthier – BIG DEAL? 

And then there’s the commerical diet industry whose financial existence depends on denying or at least not acknowledging these truths:

 EET Fitness has presented 100′s of studies that show counting calories and required exercise create WEIGHT GAIN for virtually everyone over a 2-5 year period, in fact, we call them “Check Mark From Hell Diets”.

As a result, overwhelming results produce very little change.  So, despite the facts about the Paleo diet not standing up to scientific scrutiny, you can  expect paleo diet “experts” to still contend they are right louder and with even more passion.   Doesn’t change the truth but it does seem to drown it out.  For now….

For those who wish to stop wasting TIME and money, here’s the Harvard Doc with the facts – video from  Paleontologist Dr. Christina Warriner :

Hope all the EETers out there had a wonderful EETster Holiday EETing what you love from all eras!

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