What Will You Sacrifice To Finally Lose Weight? You Sure? FOOD TIME! Example

short and sweet 22 sando compromise

What are you willing to sacrifice to finally lose weight?  You Sure? For how long are you willing to sacrifice it? As this slide shows FOOD TIME! helps answer these questions in ways you haven’t thought of  – along with 25 unique Sandos you might  enjoy “sacrificing” with along the way 🙂

short and sweet 22 ye olde sando shoppe

Just how creative are you when it comes to food?    Is it the reason you’re fatter than you want to be?  What could FAST creativity do for your weight loss and fitness efforts when you don’t have time for lots of prep, cooking and cleanup?

To get the conversation started — what if you took that boring old Turkey Sando with mustard on a low carb wrap you’ve been struggling with as you fail on diet after diet and tried this 5 MINUTE version:

FOOD TIME!  Thanksgiving Feast Sando

Sliced Turkey piled HIGH

2 slices lean “crispy” ham (can sub bacon here if desired)

red onions, sprouts, red peppers, spinach and sauteed mushrooms

Melted Swiss Cheese

Cranberry Sauce

Sriracha Sauce

served on a Hoagie Roll with warm turkey Gravy Spread on both sides 

Separate warmed turkey gravy for dipping.

Think that might hit the spot just a tad better? 🙂

FOOD TIME! Says to stop your current habits of fighting massive craving TIME with willpower that you don’t have, or worse, “just a little taste” of ice cream, that then proceeds to turn into a full blown binge along with the empty promise of “I’ll start my diet again tomorrow”.  You need better answers.  And we have them.  Answers that provide a HUGE variety of options that are 

  • Enjoyable
  • Nutritionally Sound
  • Satisfying

and most importantly

  • FAST enough to keep you from grabbing the first thing in sight

If you can find foods to eat that meet those standards, and be eating them, say, within 5 minutes, you can CONSISTENTLY make great choices that will allow you to love your diet (yes LOVE).  This means you’ll WANT to stay with it, not feel forced to live a miserable dieter’s lifestyle (which you can’t and you won’t long term).  And THAT means means you can stop yo-yo dieting and actually have a chance to meet your goals LONG TERM.

But you gotta be CREATIVE to find answers that TRULY work satisfaction as part of a weight loss and fitness plan without a lot of time preparing and cooking that you will NOT spend – ESPECIALLY during massive CRAVING time.  

Just how creative are you?  And just how much weight do you feel you have to lose?  Maybe the two are related??

EET Fitness has been slowly sharing a growing variety of 5 Minute Solutions (meals, snacks, and foods) that we believe meet the standards in our latest webinars – all of which are recorded and can be accessed HERE.  

EET Webinar Sunday April 7, 2013  6:00 PM

short and sweet 22 ye olde sando shoppe

Do you settle for yet another turkey sando with boring yellow mustard in the hopes it will keep you away from the pizza and fast food?  You’ll have to be more creative than that if you hope to defeat the awesome foe that is FAT!

Sunday night we’ll layout a complete menu 25 diverse Sandwiches that are solid nutritionally, incredibly satisfying, and, here’s the best part, you can prepare and be eating in around 5 MINUTES – when you need food most = CRAVING TIME (which is FOOD TIME!)

   We’ll share 24 more 5 minute sando winners from our Sando Shoppe section of our soon to be released mobile device app that we’re sure will stimulate your CREATIVITY — and that means weight loss!

iphone mock upapp 5 min meal menu
Invites? eetfit@gmail.com

(EET does NOT recommend you try ANY foods we review in our blog or other materials, unless you have developed a clear plan and understand them in the context of the EET Food Time Plan!! Please read disclaimer below):

disclaimer oct 2012


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