FACT: Broccoli over Orange Juice for Vitamin C & Weight Loss + 10 Weekly Diet Saving Recipes


  Orange juice has 3 times as many calories and 6 TIMES as many carbs than broccoli (assuming you only drink one cup of OJ).  Yet, which food do most people rave about for vitamin C?  What other myths are you buying into about what you NEED for weight loss and fitness?

Down with a cold or a flu?  Stay away from the orange juice and grab the broccoli.  That is, IF you’re interested in getting the nutrition you need, losing weight, controlling diabetes and general health.   The nutritional data says it all.  1 cup of Broccoli has over 100% of your daily requirement for Vitamin C, and all of 31 calories and 4 net carbs.  1 Cup of OJ checks in similar vitamin C (both are over 100%) but also has about 120 calories, and a whopping 26 net carbs!

Did you know broccoli was an incredible source of vitamin C?  How about all of these?:

7 Foods With More Vitamin C Than An Orange

Did you know drinking lots of orange juice is a great way to get fat and ramp up your blood sugar?  Basically, to get that Vitamin C you’re after, you’re eating a candy bar’s worth of carbs every time you grab a “healthy” glass of OJ.   Personally, I’ll take a cup of broccoli and a Reese’s Fast Break Bar, but hey, that’s just me. 🙂

This sort of info is critical to build meals that are satisfying and can truly save your diet.

EET 10 MINUTE Webinar Wednesday April 10, 2013  6:30 PM

EET Fitness has been slowly sharing a growing variety of DIET SAVING Solutions ( fast, satisfying meals, snacks, and foods) that we believe meet the standards in our latest webinars – all of which are recorded and can be accessed HERE.  

short and sweet 23 10 weekly meals

  In TONIGHT’S concise webinar we’ll  lay out 10 WEEKLY Meals that you can use for variety that will satisfy both you and your family.  We’ll also show you how these meals can help you with your weight loss and fitness efforts.   AND we’ll also do a LIVE example of how you can build your own weekly meals at the end of this webinar!
Invites? eetfit@gmail.com

(EET does NOT recommend you try ANY foods we review in our blog or other materials, unless you have developed a clear plan and understand them in the context of the EET Food Time Plan!! Please read disclaimer below):

disclaimer oct 2012


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