Trans Fats Ban Results? We’re Fatter / Taking Far More Cholesterol Meds. Next Step: Ban More??

saturated fat intake 2010

More people are meeting guidelines for low saturated fat intake.  Funny, over the same period more people of all ages are fatter and taking more cholesterol medication (see charts below).  

For the last several years, state and local governments have become increasingly aggressive about trying to legislate your lifestyle when it comes to food.   Indeed, the Federal Government has made comments from time to time that they would like to get more involved in defining “healthy choices” as well (can you say “Fat Tax”?).

There is a huge amount of media attention devoted to experts and activists saying our only hope for reducing obesity and improving our health is to force people to give up the foods they love in the amounts they love, while at the same time push their bodies to the point of pain and injury exercising for extended periods of time in order to “get fit”.

Then there are the slick movies and documentaries designed to scare the hell out of us with the takeaways being we should live our lives getting full on spinach and other “good” foods and the next bite of a “bad” food (donut) we take is very likely to be our last.

In fairness, there are more reasonable voices out there, but they too believe you must learn to hate, avoid or at least severely ration the things you love if you are serious about being healthy.

No matter how nicely they phrase it, their message is the same:  Weight Loss, Fitness and improved health can only be attained through sacrifice and hard physical effort, and you need to accept that or the powers that be and media / societal pressure is prepared to try to force it upon you.

Well, the latest results of bullying us towards a spartan restrictive lifestyle are in (click to enlarge):

american heart association obesity history 2012 chartcholesterol medication increase 2010 chart

As this data clearly shows (especially the 2007-2010 post trans fat ban data):   We’re eating less saturated fat. BUT, as for the results that matter?  We’re still fatter and taking a lot more cholesterol medication.

And surely all those new rules for the fast food industry, and scare tactics about junk food helped reduce the number of diabetics out there, right?  Nope, the number continues to skyrocket for many age groups:annual diabetes statistics


And all this while Gym Memberships and Revenues continue to steadily grow…

gym membership data


 The real data is confirming what 100’s of studies already should have taught us:  Attempting to force “healthy” behaviors is a major cause of obesity and health problems (and other problems that we’ll cover soon) and produces NO desirable solutions.  

 Yet the experts and governmental response to this data?   First, ignore the results we’re really after and spin anything that can defend their position.  Then, lobby for and propose to legislate even more restrictions.

diet saving restaurant meals

EET Webinar Wednesday April 17, 2013  6:30 PM

On Wednesday, EET Fitness will cover specific meals that can encourage weight loss and fitness at major restaurants like Cheesecake Factory, PF Changs, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse as well as fast food restaurants like McDonalds,  Burger King, and Subway.  We’ll explain why salads and the 500 calorie “skinnylicious” menus simply won’t cut it for weight loss, fitness or quality of life.


(EET does NOT recommend you try ANY foods we review or strategies we discuss in our blog or other materials.  We strongly recommend any and all eating, exercise and activity decisions should be thoroughly reviewed by your medical professional(s) before making any changes.    Please read disclaimer below):

disclaimer oct 2012


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