Researcher Shares Cause of Obesity Per Latest Data + 10 Restaurants For Your Diet.

42 percent adjults obese by 2030

Fat people.  Seems they’re everywhere.  And growing :-).  Think you know why?  Let’s find out.   See what a leading researcher says the latest data shows causes obesity in the pic below (click to enlarge pics).

true cause of obesity

Now you know the TRUE cause of obesity.  Is it what you thought?  Then is your answer still correct in your mind?  

Based on my experience building a plan around the truth per scientific research as opposed to your opinion can help you or your clients be MUCH more successful in their weight loss and fitness efforts, and be a lot more happy with your relationship with food.

short and sweet 25 10 restaurants for your diet

 We’ll cover these 10 EETer REQUESTED restaurants in our next webinar (feel free to request others for future webinars).  Can’t guarantee we’ll be covering Morton’s steak house but we will include a high end restaurant in this Webinar.

EET Webinar Wednesday April 24, 2013  6:30 PM

NOTE:  We spent a lot of time last week explaining how we developed our decision making process for restaurant meals.  This week, we are gonna go back to the SHORT and SwEET format — show the 10 slides in about 10 minutes and then take questions.  

Last week, we shared how we make great decisions at restaurants that allow us to be satisfied and love our diet plan.  We also shared a few shockers like “healthy” looking PF Chang’s beef with broccoli is worse than beef jerky for sodium content plus they claim those puny little plates are 3 SERVINGS!!  Better bring along the blood pressure meds if you’re gonna eat a satisfying meal or some snacks for afterwards (not that I ever do that or anything) :-).  Check it out for yourself:

recipe pf changes nutritional info

Is PF Chang’s a healthier choice than Panda Express for Chinese Food?  Find out on Wednesday night.


On Wednesday, EET Fitness will cover 10 REQUESTED RESTAURANTS with specific recommendations that can encourage weight loss and fitness.  

We call it Restaurants For Your Diet.  GOOD restaurants?  BAD?  Good for your diet?  Bad for your diet?  Well, in my case, I’ve been to all of them many times they’ve been GREAT restaurants and GREAT for my diet for 5 years — how have they been workin’ out for you?   Find out more Wednesday night?   


(EET does NOT recommend you try ANY foods we review or strategies we discuss in our blog or other materials.  We strongly recommend any and all eating, exercise and activity decisions should be thoroughly reviewed by your medical professional(s) before making any changes.    Please read disclaimer below):

disclaimer oct 2012


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