CDC Data: Severely Obese Weight Increasing Faster Than Others – THANK YOU DIET INDUSTRY

42 percent adjults obese by 2030

Whatever happened to “set point” theory?  Apparently it doesn’t apply to severely obese people because they are way overweight but are gaining weight faster than all other groups — here’s why. (click to enlarge pics).

severely obese quote


What follows is merely my opinion, based on years of research and experience working with many severely obese individuals.

No one wants to become severely obese, and it doesn’t happen overnight.  The additional weight comes after years of yo-yo dieting efforts.  It’s not laziness or lack of motivation that’s causing this group’s catastrophic rise in weight and deteriorating health.  It’s the guilt and feelings of failure provided on a daily basis courtesy of the diet industry.  Profit driven companies have sold dieters a deprivation and restriction based model for  short term weight loss that virtually guarantees failure over 2-5 years (the focus on short term results is likely because they are well aware that the long term failure is statistically proven beyond any doubt).   But diligent dieters keep on trying what experts recommend and what seems to work (for a while anyhow).  When they fail at weight loss, they are accused of not trying hard enough, not caring enough about themselves or their families or of simply being lazy and getting what they deserve.

It’s worth noting that some of the heaviest people I work with are some of the hardest working and most devoted parents and friends I know — certainly not lazy.   Most are perfectionists who are used to “getting the job done”.  After being assured endlessly that “they can do it”, they yo-yo diet for years unwilling to accept that they cannot deprive and restrict themselves forever to get the dreadful weight off their bodies.  So they try.  Fail.  Gain weight.  Try again.  Fail. Gain weight.  Try again, Fail. Gain weight.  Frustration evolves into desperation as the distance to “goal weight” becomes further and further.  

Ultimately the shame of their feelings about their overweight appearance and the thought of yet another failed weight loss effort becomes too great, and they give up  (the pain and guilt become unbearable).    They are convinced they are at the mercy of their food “addictions” and THIS is when the significant weight gain really begins.   This connection is clearly supported by the increasing rate of weight gain for severely obese people over the last 10 years as referenced in the CDC data above.   

EET Fitness desperately wants to make severely obese people see the cycle of failure is not their fault.  They have been taught methods that have produced the exact results they have achieved.  In any other endeavor achieving expected results is worthy of praise, yet in the bizzaro world of dieting, the dieters who are trying the hardest are blamed for these plans actually working as designed (short term weight loss, longer term weight gain).  

If  the severely obese (okay, all obese) could be taught to think differently, to learn that their instincts about food are RIGHT — that loving food is amazing and a quality to be admired and cherished, they could stop feeling like slaves to food and regretting every bite they eat.  Far more imporantly, they could stop feeling miserable about themselves.

But, severely obese people are hard to reach.  They have shut themselves off from help.  Not because they don’t want help but because they are tired of being judged by those who claim they can help them.    It doesn’t help that the diet industry keeps insisting obese people can reach  weight loss goals and keep the weight off by parading out highly paid of glamorous stars and expensive glitzy commercials.  But, despite all the hype, there’s not a single shred of scientific evidence to back their claims.  Worse, to the severely obese these ads creates more guilt and shame because Charles Barkley and Jennifer Hudson can lose weight while they fail over and over.  As usual, the diet industries’ efforts to sell people who love food on the “lifestyle change” of learning to hate eating food (or at least eating a lot of it) is doing far more harm than good.

If you’re a person who wants to lose weight, be very careful how you approach it.  You may be on the road to severe obesity in just a few years even as you get closer and closer to  fitting  in your skinny jeans after your current 90 day “cleanse” (happy to introduce you to many who have lived this horror).  As for severely obese people:  You  have absolutely, positively nothing to be ashamed of.   If you’ve even maintained your weight for the last several years you should be thrilled because at least you’ve broken the diet cycle of weight gain.  

Remember, you’re not in a competition to lose weight at all costs as some diets (and TV shows) would have you believe, you are LIVING YOUR LIFE,  and you deserve to be happy NOW, not when you reach some arbitrary weight on the scale.     Realizing that is the first step to ending your nightmares and beginning to solve the obesity crisis.  





short and sweet 25 10 restaurants for your diet

 We’ll cover these 10 EETer REQUESTED restaurants in our next webinar (feel free to request others for future webinars).  Can’t guarantee we’ll be covering Morton’s steak house but we will include a high end restaurant in this Webinar.

EET Webinar Wednesday April 24, 2013  6:30 PM

NOTE:  We spent a lot of time last week explaining how we developed our decision making process for restaurant meals.  This week, we are gonna go back to the SHORT and SwEET format — show the 10 slides in about 10 minutes and then take questions.  

Last week, we shared how we make great decisions at restaurants that allow us to be satisfied and love our diet plan.  We also shared a few shockers like “healthy” looking PF Chang’s beef with broccoli is worse than beef jerky for sodium content plus they claim those puny little plates are 3 SERVINGS!!  Better bring along the blood pressure meds if you’re gonna eat a satisfying meal or some snacks for afterwards (not that I ever do that or anything) :-).  Check it out for yourself:

recipe pf changes nutritional info

Is PF Chang’s a healthier choice than Panda Express for Chinese Food?  Find out on Wednesday night.

Tonight, EET Fitness will cover 10 REQUESTED RESTAURANTS with specific recommendations that can encourage weight loss and fitness.  

We call it Restaurants For Your Diet.  GOOD restaurants?  BAD?  Good for your diet?  Bad for your diet?  Well, in my case, I’ve been to all of them many times they’ve been GREAT restaurants and GREAT for my diet for 5 years — how have they been workin’ out for you?   Find out more Wednesday night?   


(EET does NOT recommend you try ANY foods we review or strategies we discuss in our blog or other materials.  We strongly recommend any and all eating, exercise and activity decisions should be thoroughly reviewed by your medical professional(s) before making any changes.    Please read disclaimer below):

disclaimer oct 2012


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