Karen Gets Nowhere w Diabetes Medication, Diet Restrictions, EET Results by REDUCING STRESS

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EET Fitness has helped a lot of diabetics eliminate medications, lose weight and improve all of their health readings without asking them to give up a single food they love,  count a single calorie,  or requiring them to engage in endless exercise they cannot stand and will not stay with.  Our approach is very simple and has three main points:

1) TIMING of your eating and exercise (especially your carbs)

2) Find an EET Plan that they WANT to follow (not feel they must follow–cuz that doesn’t work), and

3)  Find as many ways as possible to reduce stress in your life.   This is especially true in the case of diabetics where stress (NOT junk food if properly timed, or being overweight) consistently raises their blood sugar.  See this post for some clinical research that’s starting to catch up with EET 

Nowhere has EET’s approach been proven more accurate than in the case of Karen.   Recently, we were trying to explain the effects of stress on weight loss, fitness and quality of life to another stressed out EETer and thought it might benefit all of EET’s Blog readers:

Karen is an EETer who has been told for years she is basically a diabetic 

 She’s barely overweight and has had no symptoms of diabetes whatsoever, except her blood sugar readings are consistently at pre diabetic levels.  She used EET timing and brought those readings down a bit but not consistently enough for Dr’s to take her off her meds or to stop telling her she’s diabetic and it’s just a matter of time.
HOWEVER — EET has consistently worked with Karen to reduce her high stress lifestyle (stressful job) — we’ve pointed out repeatedly that
she spends a month overseas each year and her blood sugar readings consistently have been lower during that time.
and more recently
her daughter, who lives across the country had a baby and she’s travelled to stay with her for a month.
She hasn’t been able to exercise as much as she normally does — her timing has not been perfect, and yet her readings are now at the lowest they have been for nearly 2 years — below prediabetic and actually heading towards ideal range.
It’s all about STRESS — she is not a diabetic imho and she never was one–but the medical community and other gurus she has tried to follow keep trying to get her to take meds and eat certain “super foods” and all that crap when the answers are much more basic to how your body interprets the messages you send it.  When she gets control of her stress by changing environment, her readings come down,  when shes in the environments she associates with stress, they go up.
Nothing to do with metabolism, her eating or exercise preferences, fasting, nutrition or anything else — just a function of STRESS. (not saying those things don’t matter, just saying they are not nearly as big of an impact vs stress)
It’s likely she will now lose more weight more easily if she can keep her BS levels consistently lower as well.
Moral of story? Focus on improving your stress levels — how bout a yoga class? 🙂
When I asked Karen if it was okay to share this she added:
Ithink that sounds great, it is funny because my daughter and I were just talking about that this morning, we went to Savannah and I ate fried scallops (which had a light breading) and even a small amount of potatoes for dinner and the morning BS was just 99. Now I am not saying I can eat anything but it sure does seem that stress is the factor more. 
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