EET 5 Minute Meals App: FAST, HUGE Variety of Foods for Weight Loss, Fitness, Quality of Life

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EET Fitness is coming down the home stretch of our 5 Minute Meal Mobile Device App.  Thursday Night at EET’s Webinar we’ll show you a  working demo of how it can work for you.

The smell of the Dominos Pizza your kids just had delivered wafts around the family room smelling delicious and ever so tempting.  You’re starving, but of course you’re on a diet (again) and you really don’t want to eat anything, much less high calorie, high fat, high carb pizza.   You try to focus on the TV and not think about it, but it’s not working.

You love pizza, and the hunger you’re feeling is beginning to drive you nuts.  So you love the thought of eating some pizza, and hate the thought of eating some pizza, all at the same time.  You gotta lose the weight, right?  But you can’t spend the rest of your life avoiding pizza (you can try but you know you’ll just end up caving in, going “off your plan” and/or binging)  How do you cope?

You seriously think about heading back to bed.  It’s 7:15 PM.   Is that about to become your new bedtime?  Good luck with that.  You think about munching on some celery.  Yeah, right.  

What if, within 5 minutes or so,  you could have a generous portion of a great tasting, satisfying pizza with healthy fresh  ingredients you love that had 1/4 the fat, calorie and carbs and more importantly, NONE OF THE GUILT of the Dominos that is currently destroying your sanity?


This nutritionally sound flatbread pizza takes 5 minutes or so to have ready to eat, and offers a guilt free alternative any time you would prefer not to hate the guilt that comes from eating your favorite restaurant pizza.  EET’s 5 Minute meal app offers enjoyable nutritionally sound  “swaps” like this for all kinds of meals, desserts, treats and more, right at your fingertips.

BOTTOM LINE:  For long term weight loss, fitness and quality of life, there should be TIMES to eat a real Domino’s Pizza (Ice Cream, Cake, Pasta, etc) and enjoy it guilt free, and other times for other satisfying foods.  Managing these times will keep you happily on your diet.

5 Minute Meals is a great solution for all those other times.


iphone mock up 5 28 2013

On Thursday Night at 6:30 PM (We have a schedule conflict Wednesday night, so note we’ll be meeting THURSDAY night), we’ll show you a working demo of our soon to be released mobile device app and we’ll walk through some examples of  how the endless variety of foods out there can be your solution to your quest for weight loss, fitness and the highest quality of life possible.


(EET does NOT recommend you try ANY foods we review or strategies we discuss in our blog or other materials. We strongly recommend any and all eating, exercise and activity decisions should be thoroughly reviewed by your medical professional(s) before making any changes. Please read disclaimer below):

disclaimer oct 2012


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