Spurs, Tim Duncan Cancel EET Webinar for Tonight. Better Weight Loss Message Anyhow?

duncan jersey auto

Mr. EET’s prized possession from many years back.  Duncan’s Wake Forest College Jersey.  Autographed! And check out the inscription! (see below)

Since 1997, I have had only one true favorite athlete and one true favorite team:

Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs.

Boring, Mr. Fundamental no flash Duncan??  The San Antonio Spurs?  I’m from  St. Louis and now live in the Bay Area.  What about the Cardinals, the Giants, the 49ers?

Well, I am a Giant fan, and still root for the Cardinals (my son is a Cardinal finatic in fact), and thanks to my love of Jim Harbaugh when he coached at Stanford, I am now a full fledged 49er fan.  I’m more fair weather than devoted for these teams.  Lately that’s been a lot of fun :-).

But, for me, it’s Duncan and the Spurs, ever since his rookie season in 1997.

Why?  I just had a feeling when he came out he was gonna do amazing things.  As many who know me will tell you during the 1997-98 season I predicted:

Tim Duncan will be the GREATEST PLAYER in NBA History.

I even bought the Duncan Wake Forest game jersey (pic above), had him autograph it, framed it and added this:

Duncan greatest player

Big Duncan Fan in case you didn’t notice.  I also dropped everything and flew down to the Finals in San Antonio in 2007 to see the Spurs destroy the Cavs.  

Friends and hoops finatics have laughed at me for the last 16 years.  No one is laughing now.  Except me that is.  Okay, even after 4 rings and multiple MVP’s I have to admit that  Duncan is not THE GREATEST player in NBA history — he is definitely among the chosen few.  And, starting tonight in the NBA Finals against Lebron and the Heat, maybe Duncan will have something to add to his legacy?  

I know one thing.  I’ll be watching.   

Which means no EET Webinar tonight 🙂  


eets case for fun cover


This EET Webinar is from 2011.  We’ve changed the “dieting” to Weight Loss, Fitness and QUALITY OF LIFE since then because that’s what EET teaches.

Everything in my opinion.  It’s amazing the level of effort people will go to to support their favorite teams.  Spend huge amounts of money, wait in endless lines, rearrange their entire lives just to make sure they are part of the latest big event (hell, I’m actually thinking about running down to San Antionio for a game) .  Stadiums are packed every single weekend, it doesn’t even have to be a championship game.  And, before you non sports fans judge too harshly, you do the same thing with new movies, shows, concerts, your upcoming vacation or whatever you connect with.

What if we could make our weight loss and fitness efforts this high of a priority?  Happily go through endless hassles and expense to get the results we seek?    Everyone says weight loss and fitness is a huge priority in their lives, is it possible your recreational interests are actually more important to you?

Yep.  And there are many many reasons why, all of which EET covered at length in our “EET’s Case for Fun” in Weight Loss and Fitness webinar,and we continue to work on helping you understand how to make this fact work for you to this day.  If you’re not a hoops fan, maybe you could check it out the “Case for Fun” webinar recording tonight. 🙂





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