Truth About Jered and Subway, No Healthier Than McDonalds UCLA STUDY – EET Explains More

subway study

A recent UCLA Study confirms the truth about Subway as a “Healthy” Alternative.  Click on pic to enlarge–link to study below.

EET Fitness has tried to explain to you the truth about Subway here:

The Truth About Subway Turkey and Granola Trail Mix – ULTIMATE DIET KILLERS!

Now there is a study to back up our claims.  The study focused on adolescents and shows that Subway’s “healthy menu” is not chosen very often.  The food the young folks choose at Subway adds up to be just like McDonalds.   Big surprise eh?  To some who buy the hype, it is!!  To those folks we politely say WAKE UP!!  We’ll add that we firmly believe the results of this study are even more true for adults.

We didn’t need a study to prove any of this, but for those who insist on scientific proof, there you go.  Will that help you in your weight loss and fitness efforts?  Probably not.  Well, maybe if you stop believing Subway is a good alternative for weight loss and fitness efforts.

EET’s version of how Subway is WORSE than McDonalds might be of more value to those who insist on depriving themselves.  It goes something like this:  Say you’re about to eat lunch and you choose Subway.  You’re going because you’re trying to eat “healthy”.  Big mistake.  When you order a 6 inch Turkey sub on their most sawdust like bread with no toppings other than vegetables, and no chips, cookies or soda  in an effort to deprive yourself of the foods and treats you really want, then you are going to GAIN weight.

That’s right,  sooner or later weight gain is guaranteed, and we’ll bet on sooner.    Why?  Because you will leave Subway completely unsatisfied.  You will also justify other more decadent eating earlier or later in the day because you “ate healthy” at lunch.  How do we know this?  Well we’ve worked with about 1000 people and studied 1000’s of studies for starters, but more than that we trust what the New England Journal of Medicine has taught us:  Weight Loss is a BEHAVIORAL science problem, not a metabolic or biological science problem!!

On the other hand, if you go to Subway for Lunch and order what will truly satisfy you, say a loaded footlong steak and cheese with all the fixins, some chips and 3 cookies (they’re 3 for a dollar for a reason!) and a coke, you will be eating more calories, carbs and fat than almost any McDonalds meal.  (NOTE: We are also ignoring the fact McDonalds offers some “healthy menu” items because no one wants those either).

At least if you leave Subway or McDonald’s satisfied, you might not eat that pizza or popcorn later on that night since you “splurged” at lunch, and you might actually have a chance to lose weight and keep it off if you play your cards right!


checklist why were here

EET believes weekly reminders like the above checklist (click to enlarge) can remind you of why you are even bothering to try to use a plan for weight loss and fitness while helping you focus on ways to make it more likely you’ll WANT to follow your plan.  We’ve got more to share on Wednesday night at 6:30 PM at EET’s Webinar.

We’ll review a couple of checklists that will be part of our soon to be released app that we hope can remind you of why you are trying to lose weight in the first place: For a better quality of life (which weight loss and improved fitness does not guarantee, by the way).


(EET does NOT recommend you try ANY foods we review or strategies we discuss in our blog or other materials. We strongly recommend any and all eating, exercise and activity decisions should be thoroughly reviewed by your medical professional(s) before making any changes. Please read disclaimer below):

disclaimer oct 2012


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