STUDY: Weight Loss, Fitness Industry – Report Card Thru 2012 = F FAIL + Ice Cream Strategy

f as in fat

The weight loss and fitness industry has been encouraging obese people for 30+ years now with the message:

You can do it!    Just ramp up your willpower and discipline, eat healthy, cut your portions, exercise regularly and you can reach your weight loss and fitness goals.

And those are the nicer “experts”  

There’s also a dangerous and ever growing number of finatics routinely screaming “You GOTTA stop eating this or that” other, or “you gotta exercise for an hour every day” (this was a conclusion from a Harvard study!!)   if you ever hope to become a “healthy” person with a chance to escape the clutches of obesity.

Now, courtesy of a recent comprehensive study of obesity in the US, the results of the multi billion dollar, highly profitable industry’s “state of the art” efforts are in and the message is crystal clear:


Here are some highlights of just how well their plans are working:

f as in fat stats

The weight loss and fitness industry wants to blame YOU for these stats (click to enlarge).  Obese people have tried  the industry’s most “proven” plans of deprivation and restrictions:  Studies (and I mean 1000’s of studies, not just this one)  are overwhelmingly clear NO ONE can stay with them long term (2-5+years) — who’s fault is that?


And it’s not just me who has noticed the utter failure.  Leading obesity experts have been crystal clear about this as well:

katan quote obesity

So,  with this overwhelming evidence screaming failure of the weight loss and fitness industry, how can it be that every person with a weight loss goal out there is either on their latest restrictive diet, and /or painful exercise program or they are gearing up to start one as soon as they have the motivation?   Maybe some new strategies can end this nightmare. 

Food time strategy ice cream

The latest installment in EET’s new video series will help you understand how long term weight loss can be achieved by ENDING deprivation and restriction.  We start with Ice Cream :-).

I on the other hand abandoned EVERY SINGLE concept related to deprivation, restrictions and rigid exercise requirements in my diet OVER  5 YEARS AGO, and my results?

Still BELOW my original goal weight and in excellent health.

I started EET Fitness 3 years ago with a passionate desire to teach all  who will listen how to free your mind from the completely failed and very harmful (both physically and psychologically) model of the current weight loss and fitness industry.  Many EETers have seen great results, but even many EET Hall of Famers don’t grasp just how far away you must go from conventional dieting if you hope to see true LONG TERM weight loss and fitness (and even then there’s no guarantee, but at least you avoid the guaranteed weight GAIN of conventional dieting over 2-5 years).

Unlike the industry that claims they have your answers, and you are just not trying hard enough, I know EET needs to do a better job to help you build plans you WANT to follow that can work for the long haul.  Tomorrow, in the latest installment of our new video series,  you can see my personal strategy for eating Ice Cream in my diet for weight loss, fitness and quality of life.  Yes, you read that right, I eat ice cream routinely as part of my plan for weight loss, fitness and quality of life. A LOT of ice cream in fact.

 Most of you reading this believe ice cream is something you eat when you go OFF your diet.  Result of that thought:  Yo-yo dieting and endless frustration.  Take another look at the stats above for confirmation of how well trying to deprive yourself of ice cream works.

For me ice cream is an almost daily STAPLE of a well thought out plan that has allowed me to successfully manage my weight below my goals for over 5 years, while staying fit and healthy as well.

EET has not been able to convince many folks of the incredible futility and misery of deprivation and restriction, and for that we apologize, but we will keep trying!  But, unlike other plans that are proven failures, EET can offer you a living example of a successful long term weight loss strategy, and hopefully this can help you build yours.

Invites for the short video?

(EET does NOT recommend you try ANY foods we review or strategies we discuss in our blog or other materials. We strongly recommend any and all eating, exercise and activity decisions should be thoroughly reviewed by your medical professional(s) before making any changes. Please read disclaimer below):

disclaimer oct 2012


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