The World of EET = A CONFLUENCE of Weight Loss, Fitness and Quality of Life


How would you explain the way The EET Fitness Plan works to to a friend?

Confluence: noun \ˈkän-ˌflü-ən(t)s:  A coming or flowing together, meeting, or gathering at one point

Most people who have tried EET or know anything about EET describe EET as managing the TIMING of their eating, exercise and activities to get the most from their metabolism.  This is understandable since EET stands for Eating and Exercise Timing 🙂 and is heavily based on the science of Nutrient Timing.

However, explanations that focus only when you eat and exercise leave out parts of EET that I have stressed SINCE DAY 1 are more important than metabolic timing concepts. For example:

EET s Deal ,

EET GOLDEN RULE For Cravings / Portion Control

EET’s 4 S’s  and

The Kiss of Death for ANY Weight Loss Plan, Including EET

If EET were only about timing of eating and exercise, why would the person who founded EET claim these concepts are more important?

Video Webinars Different Way of Thinking


If you’re trying to follow EET by forcing yourself to only eat certain foods at certain times, or to exercise before you eat your carbs, you’re missing most of the CONFLUENCE of ideas EET is built upon that give you your best chance at long term success.

 Tonight, in our latest video update, we’ll will remind you about 2 KEYS that prove EET is so different than other diets.  These 2 keys will clarify why you must think differently about food and weight loss than you ever have on any other diet if you hope to succeed long term with EET.  It might be just what you need to hear to move forward on the path to long term weight loss, fitness and quality of life.


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