Can Exercise Help Cure Obesity? NO Per Harvard JAMA Study. EET Numerology Can Though!

harvard study 1 hour jama

So you think exercise is part of the cure for obesity eh?  Scientific research begs to differ.  This 2010 study of more than 34,000 women who were tracked for 15 YEARS reached the following conclusions:

First, once overweight, it may be too late because physical activity—at least, at levels carried out by study participants—was not associated with less weight gain.

Second, sustaining high levels of physical activity (~ 60 minutes a day) is needed to successfully maintain normal BMI and prevent weight gain.

From:  Physical activity and weight gain prevention – ‎Lee JAMA 2010

So, once again, EET Fitness is trying to spread the news:

 If you use current methods of exercise for your weight loss efforts, the most likely result is WEIGHT GAIN over a 5-15 year period.   

 Surely it makes sense to respect the fact that this is what credible scientific research shows happens to MOST women (men too I’m betting though the study was only women) over an extended period (15 YEARS) of time in a HUGE population.  If we hope to find real solutions we must accept that these are the most likely results, right?   What more proof could you possibly need??  Will it change your efforts?  It should!

exercise abandon all hope

This bleak sounding article from Newsweek  about the 2010 Harvard Study is actually great advice if you are considering trying to use conventional exericse to help with your weight loss efforts.  I’ll explain why in EET’s next video.  Read it HERE.  I cannot recommend more highly that you read the entire study HERE


Good thing EET doesn’t use traditional exercise approaches, so we have a chance to get it right.  Admittedly, EET doesn’t have 15 years of results yet, but our results to date show our completely different approach to weight loss and fitness can produce far better results than those in the study referenced above.

numerology for exercise

This week, in our latest video update, EET will demonstrate one of the many ways EET views exercise completely differently from any other plan we know of by showing you the incredible power of numbers.

Invites for the short video?

(EET does NOT recommend you try ANY foods we review or strategies we discuss in our blog or other materials. We strongly recommend any and all eating, exercise and activity decisions should be thoroughly reviewed by your medical professional(s) before making any changes. Please read disclaimer below):

disclaimer oct 2012


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